A great idea: you would collect someone at the bus stop to use the HOV Bus


Necessity is the mother of invention. And with the traffic problems faced by some of Madrid access roads, such as road Coruna (A6), some drivers decided to unleash his wit to take advantage of the benefits of carpool lanes (but this time so ethical and legal). The next time you expect a bus on the road of Corunna you may find yourself with Gonzalo , a driver who contacted us a few days ago to tell her initiative. Gonzalo would invite you to accompany him to Madrid in his car, so that you get a fast and free ride, and he advantage of using the high occupancy lane to save jams.

Picaresca the wheel: driving passenger dummy through Bus-VAO lanes

The idea of ​​car sharing to take advantage of high occupancy lanes interesting , in fact precisely these lanes are intended to encourage a more rational and sustainable use of our private cars. But the driver is not always possible to find a companion for their daily commute.

This was the reason that in 2012 led to the Civil Guard to uncover the existence of drivers mannequins sat in the passenger seat to use the Bus-VAO and deceive Traffic cameras and agents from crossing into its way.

bus-vao-3 In line with this initiative, Gonzalo decided to carry out a task of further communication, by way of plea for shared car, portraying their companions and tell us your experiences on Instagram account, historiasdelbusvao.

Since it began collecting companions at bus stops between Moncloa and Las Rozas, Gonzalo lots jams and also shares a good time with his companion . It also recognizes that sometimes you have to face the mistrust, the “daughter, you never get on the car of a stranger,” especially when it comes to young girls. A question that not only responds to the distrust generated by the fear of gaining in cars with strangers, but also to what is unusual for a stranger offers us a free ride without asking anything in return (although we already see that the driver also obtains its benefit), and so common that culture beyond our borders and increasingly common in Spain, where the General Traffic Regulations do not put anything easy for them to keep practicing hitchhiker.

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super fun couple of Argentines. The two were in the back seat, full taxi. He’s orthopedic surgeon and I used to tell my problem knees. The super enrollao prescribed some pills uncle gave me his card and finally, in Moncloa, I get off and I gave them hugs and kisses. Taking the bus lol vao butt # # Maria Jorge #historiasdelbusvao

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said this, and you, do you Subirias with Gonzalo in his car to get to Moncloa? If you are a driver, and especially today, that access roads to Madrid have suffered LF expect, would not you be willing to share your car and those kilometers to the entrance of Madrid, with someone waiting for a bus to save time and money by avoiding traffic jams?

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Picaresca the wheel: driving passenger dummy through Bus-VAO lanes

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