A guardrail flexible to minimize road deaths

Guardarraíl flexible

roads half the world have had to adapt to the evolution they have undergone the cars. Be dirt roads with no more protection to the existing dual carriageways and motorways there is a large stretch. One of the main security items that we can find in them are the removes fear or guardarraíles (as they like to call them). These fences of metal, avoiding (to the extent possible) that in the case of out of the way with our car end beyond the China.

guardarraíles have positive points as negative. Among the positive are that avoid a collision low-speed let’s get out of the way and we can hit a major obstacle, or that prevent us to fall to one hollow if it were the case. As negative has to can cause more wounds or injury as if you were not or if out of another material.

Those who love walking with our bikes by mountain roads we have to panic to fall over and slide around under their blades already that we could lose one of our limbs, in perpetuity. By popular demand, in a matter of a few years the guardarraíles have evolved to be less dangerous and today I want to teach the that has invented a south Korean company called Evolution in Traffic Innovation (TSI).

This new guardarríl is formed by a set of cylinders made of a flexible material (etivinilacetato) bouncing to the vehicle that impacts on them. The new Roller System, as has been referred to this new retention system road, it incorporates between its two beams of these cylinders that make when the car hit it, quit, fired. In this video, made in Australia, we can see how these new guardarraíles flexible.

According to its creators, this guardrail flexible has a very low maintenance cost since these cylinders are interchangeable. Therefore, if a vehicle crashed against a section of the same would only have to replace the cylinders for new ones and would be ready to continue fulfilling its mission.

Be that as it may, expect governments half the world adopt before the victims of traffic accidents are likely to lose a limb or life against one of them.

Source – Evolution in Traffic Innovation (TSI)