A guide to succeeding in the purchase of a new car

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If you are considering buying a vehicle, it is possible that in your head have appeared countless doubts about what kind of car you buy, larger or smaller, a body of traditional or an SUV, if you purchase diesel best petrol, if it would be worth a hybrid car or electric, how many horses you might need to, equipment that really comes in handy and you need it for, how you could save some hundreds of euros, and a long etcetera.

We may need or want a car for a myriad of circumstances; but, do you really we ended up buying the car that suits us or we like and the most economical way possible? I assure you that it is easy to err and repent shortly. With this guide that we have developed we hope to provide you with your choice and, of course, that is accurate and satisfactory in all the time you spend with your vehicle.

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key Ideas to buy a car

Of little serves us to have the intention to buy a car if we do not have clear how we can spending or what kind of vehicle we need in function of our needs and the regular use that you’re going to give. Small, big, convertible, compact, suv, large SUV, small SUV, minivan, sports, coupe, roadster, economic, mainstream, Premium… The offer, luckily, is very large and almost all brands have in their range of products very varied.


In the first place, and as in most of the acquisitions of great value, can not be missing a budget disbursement up to that we can (or should) afford it. In addition, we must take into account that a vehicle entails some initial costs beyond the procurement itself, such as for example the tax registration, the insurance and even take fuel, as in most of the cases we delivered with the tank almost dry. Also keep in mind that throughout its life, a vehicle requires a series of maintenance and may have faults of greater or lesser importance.

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Type of vehicle

once we’re clear of the maximum amount that we spend, we can meditate on what kind of vehicle is the one that most interests us. For example: even though they are both cars, not serve to the same duties as a Porsche 911 and a Renault Kangoo. In this way, we will have to think about what type or types of vehicles would be most appropriate for to get the best possible return on our investment. Thus, we must assess if we need a large space in the cabin and a voluminous luggage compartment, or if with a small two-seater in whose trunk can fit two suitcases weekend serves us for what we really need.

what Passion or reason? About tastes there is nothing written

What is normal when acquiring a new car is to want to keep it in our possession for the maximum time possible. For this reason and to not tire too soon of he, we have to take into account our tastes personal. It is possible and often happens that we decide for a car because of its economical price, its modularity or its low consumption, but as we are not guessing.

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Imagine: these undecided between two different models, one that you really love and another that I called the attention because casting numbers you get 1,500 euros cheaper. Both are of similar size, features, equipment, consumption, habitability, etc, What would go through your head if you you choose the lowest price and the little time you will see your neighbor; the 3rd B, the one that wakes you up on Sunday morning because his hobby is to play the electric guitar with the other car candidate, you really liked?

we Know that is not easy at all; actually can be very complicated, but with the clear budget it is ideal to balance balance between passion and reason. On the other hand, the more righteous we find ourselves economically, the weight of reason is often greater than that of the passion; and vice versa.


One of the most important aspects and that, according to the polls, unless we take into account when buying a car, it is the safety of the vehicle. Fortunately for all users of the pathways this data changes, and each time we appreciate more this section, although not we all know for sure the safety of our car.

Today the cars are a lot of more insurance that ten or fifteen years ago and are incomparable with the ones circulating on our roads in the years 80. However, not all the drivers know the majority of systems of passive and active safety of your vehicle, nor how they could save you from a tricky situation. We could list dozens and dozens of technologies, elements, and materials used that, in reality, they are our “guardian angel” and that not everyone knows or appreciates you enough to purchase a vehicle.

Equipment and finishing

SEAT Mii FR Line

with Respect to the equipment, it usually happens that when we see an ad on tv or press images, the model exposed seems to us the most attractive. In these cases, the brands tend to use the most vibrant colors to focus your attention and expose units with the best of finishes and include all the extras available. However when you get to the dealership, find the car which you drew attention in the same colour is very complicated. Why? – you may ask -because that shade striking that so well is in the ads and in the pictures tends to be too “cantosa” for the majority of customers and it is difficult to sell to the trade. In a nutshell, pure marketing.

Returning to the equipment, not all of the items and technologies that offer us the marks on his models are really useful, or at least if we compare it with the price that cost. Some alloy wheels will always be more beautiful than a steel wheels with hubcaps, a panoramic roof more appealing than a ceiling conventional. Do you remember what I told you above of the balance between passion and reason?

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what you need a built-in GPS with data from across Europe if the car that you are going to acquire is a utilitarian and what you will use it only for moving around your city, that which you know as the palm of your own hand? There are take into account what really makes us lack, which may come in handy in certain occasions and what practically we will not use ever; and also, of course, our tastes. Never forget that in front of you is a seller, whose job it is to sell the car, and the more you sell and the more money desembolses will be better for him and his company.

yes, going to the security section, it is possible that several active safety systems and/or passive display as an option. safety must be the first thing, and invest a few hundred euro in it can make the difference between having an accident and get rid of him, or, in the case of a hit, reduce its consequences.

What kind of motor do I need for my car?

Prueba Ford Mondeo EcoBoost 160 CV automático

As you know, the majority of models found on the market usually have a wide range of mechanical, of diesel or petrol engines. It’s also going to be common the fact of having any mechanical hybrid, or even 100 % electric. On the other hand, the power range is usually quite wide, being able to do that to opt for one version or another is almost as difficult as choosing between several models.

it Is difficult that through this “guide” can help you 100 %, but surely if you are taking into account all the sections that we cite will be much easier than I decantéis by a car or another, one version or another. What we must have in account to choose the kind of mechanics of our car?

Size car

Ford F-150 V6 EcoBoost

general rule larger cars are heavier. A 120 hp engine in a SUV with two tons will not be enough, however for a small car of less than 1,000 pounds will be plenty of power. Some years ago I was highly recommended to equip a diesel engine in cars of great weight for its greater torque as compared to gasoline, as they were for the most atmospheric, had no boost.

Today, petrol engines with a supercharger to produce a torque close to that of the mechanical turbo, so that you do not need to choose almost necessarily an engine of oil in a large car as was the case a few years ago. Yes, the difference in average consumption will be noticed even more in favor of the mechanical diesel if the vehicle it is very heavy.

we circulate usually with a heavy load or no load

Bentley Bentayga remolque

Returning to the above, the more weight we carry in the car the more it will cost the engine to “move” the whole mass joint. If usually we go to circular loaded may be a better option for a diesel engine, although the new petrol engines with supercharging are working quite well. It is important to pay attention to the torque figures engine that is usually provided by the manufacturer, but even more important is to see the line-pair in a graph. We’ll explain it more detail a few paragraphs below.

Types of pathways through which we circulate

we do Not need the same type of engine, nor the same figures of power, for driving on urban roads, that for highways or mountainous areas. If usually we are going to drive by city is not necessary to choose a powerful engine and with large numbers of engine torque; in fact, it is not very advisable. In a city car, of the segment, which generally weigh less than 1,000 kg, with a motor of 70 hp and 100 Nm of torque we have enough power, and no we’ll miss you more thrust, not to be that we get out of the city.

Miles annually

Prueba Nissan Leaf 30 kWh

In function of annual miles estimates that we will perform to the vehicle we can rule out a type of engine or other. If we will do about 10,000 miles a year (or less) the ideal is to discard the 100 % diesel engines and hybrid; being the most recommended a propellant gas. We might even consider the acquisition of a model 100 % power, although we must bear in mind that practically we are forced to have another vehicle at home, as the low autonomy of electric and long recharge times limit the use of this type of vehicles in situations such as, for example, if we have to make a journey of some hundreds of kilometers.

on the other hand, if we perform a large number of annual miles cannot completely rule out electric vehicles and put the eye in the engines diesel and hybrid. If we do a lot of kilometres on the road but also keep enough for the city, your attention should go towards models of hybrid propulsion, since urban consumption is very content, and on the open road tend to be efficient.

as A guideline and for miles, is not recommended the purchase of a diesel model when it does not exceed 20,000 kilometres a year. Keep in mind that although this type of fuel is slightly cheaper than gasoline, and are less “gastones” in equality of conditions, the acquisition cost of the vehicle, the maintenance and the breakdowns tend to be more expensive. In addition, they are less gentle in their operation, becoming something sharp to the hour of circular relationships short. Also are more polluting and, therefore, it is normal that within a few years (few) taxes for these vehicles will increase and we see restricted its use in large european cities.

If you are looking for sensations, sports

Prueba Audi S1 Sportback

Every time there are more engines diesel very sporty, with very good performance and high numbers of power. However, if you’re looking to squeeze the most of the sportiness of your car, we advise you to opt for a gasoline engine.

The pleasure of going to a motor beyond the 6,000 revolutions per minute until you get to “cut” in a gas, has no comparison with the feeling of “choking,” the diesel engine when the tachometer barely scratches the 4,000.

we do Not speak of speed, nor power, nor of times in a track, simply feelings of driving sports. Finally, we emphasize the sound of the exhaust, which from the middle of the rpm range of an engine of certain features of gasoline will always play in another league with respect to the sound to coffee makers of the diesel; not to speak of possible “petardeos” withholding or the beautiful sound of a pointed heel well executed.

how Much power do I need for my car?

Prueba BMW M3 DKG

At the time of buying a car, once we have a clear model of the vehicle and the type of propellant that we need, comes time to choose the variant mechanic that best suits our needs.

Although this decision is not as important as the choosing between several models or between one engine type or another, that is no reason to opt for a mechanical more or less potent without prior reflection. As a council we have to say that the power of a car and its torque, just like powers of braking, stability and safety systems, “best about, not missing”.

how Much more power and torque we have under the right foot better, though nor do we need 150 hp to a utility if you simply want to go from point a To point B without sensation-seeking sports. We have heard many times the typical phrase of “to what do you want so many horses, if you can’t run, and any car exceeds 120 km/h”. As lord, for forward with a lot more safety, especially in roads, of double meaning, to join a fast path to agility, not to have to climb a slope of 8% at 90 km/h, in order to drag a caravan or a trailer… and a long etcetera.

Prueba Hyundai i10

Obviously, if the car is heavy and/or bulky will have more resistance to the progress one light weight and small dimensions, and therefore to circulate with a certain looseness, you will need a engine with more power and torque. On the opposite side, if it is a small car and light, as you can be a model of the segment A or B, intended to move the greater part of his life for city and urban environments, with a few horses and torque will be sufficient.

One of the segments of cars sold by your balance is the of the compact, the segment C. In this type of models the range mechanics usually range from 90 to 150 HP approximately, without taking into account the latest versions of sports. What is certain is that in these cars, for the common use that they usually give, a power of close to 120 HP tends to be the most balanced, which is an intermediate point in the power reserve, without being too high, is acceptable and the costs for consumption of fuel, taxes, insurance, etc., are not exorbitant.

Prueba Hyundai i10

in The same way, as we pass from one segment to the other upper or lower, as a guideline we must add or subtract about 25 or 30 HP to the appropriate power for the segment C. A B-segment car with 90 or 95 HP is usually sufficient, while for a car of the D segment this figure for guidance stood at 140 or 150 HP.

As we mentioned a few paragraphs above, we must have in mind the horses, but a very important data and unknown to the majority of drivers is the motor torque and the line that would draw in a graph in function of the revolutions. Attentive to the following chart in which we have represented a curve of a couple very useful (blue) and another little usable (red).

Gráfico curva de par motor

In the vertical, the amount of motor torque; although we may forget about the figures that we have put, as the number itself relatively of no importance; what’s really interesting is the line that draws. The more bland it is, and for more rpm range to keep that flat shape that you see represented with the blue line, the better. The blue line is a motor elastic and that you will not need to change gear often to get a robust response when pisemos the right pedal. The red line corresponds to a motor very little elastic that, even if it has a peak well above the engine represented by the blue line, is less profitable; and because we get a lot of force in a very concrete throughout the rev range (which it will be very uncomfortable in relationships short) and in the rest of the range very little strength, so that force us to use normally change gears.

The line torque is better the more flat it is, and higher range of revolutions covering. This results in a greater driving pleasure, lower fuel consumption by not having to search for horses in the highest area of the cuentavueltas and a better life for the mechanics.

Prueba Mazda3 2017

therefore, in addition to guide us by the power, we need to make sure the shape of the line pair and how much time remains horizontal in the rev range, its way more important than the own number of pair, represented usually in newton meter.

Visit several dealerships

As a last piece of advice, when you already have clear what car you want, we can tell you that it is advisable to visit various points of sale of the same brand. It is very possible that the same version of a model comes out a little cheaper (or expensive, depending on how you look at it) in a dealership to another, so it is worth approaching different points of the commercial network, either in your same city or in another, because you can save some euros or to take some other element or accessory of the car as a gift. In addition, if you are still unsure between a couple of models, perform these visits will help you to get things clear in less time.


Renault Arabauto Vitoria-Gasteiz

In summary, after this long article, we can say that to choose what new car we bought, we have to take into account, especially our budget, type of vehicle that suits us, not trying to save price in terms of security to invert it, for example, in some larger tires, or more beautiful, and the use that we’re going to give our new vehicle.

later, and depending on the prices in the us move, and our initial budget, we can opt for a mechanical or other, or a level of equipment or another. Never forget that is a great investment and that theoretically will spend many years with you.