A hacker creates an autonomous vehicle in the garage of his home

George Hotz hacker vehiculo autonomoIn the present times of technologies that are being developed in the automotive industry is that of the autonomous vehicle. Every time more brands will dare to investigate, and even recently a car of PSA managed to cover the route of 599 miles between Vigo and Madrid without the driver’s intervention. But, what can a 26-year-old to flirt with this type of technology with barely any resources and in the garage of his home?

George Hotz is not a young lad either. With 17-year-old became the first person who managed to hack an iPhone. Later also did the same with the PlayStation 3 from Sony. After he passed by some of the leading companies of Silicon Valley such as Google, SpaceX or Facebook; an unsatisfactory experience for him. Now builds in solo a autonomous vehicle in your own garage.

George Hotz hacker vehiculo autonomoAfter passing through Vicarious, a company specializing in Artificial Intelligence, Hotz purchased a Acura ILX and set out to “give life”. His goal was to overcome to Mobileye, the company that created the questioned AutoPilot Tesla. To do this equipped ILX with operating system Ubuntu Linux that receives information of multiple cameras, radar and laser (LIDAR). Everything is managed in the great 21.5-inch and is activated by using the joystick installed beside the hand brake.

The objective of Hotz is to make something affordable for everyone. The kit that raises it consists of six cameras similar to that of the smartphone, two in the rear-view mirrors, one on the back, two on the sides and one on the roof with panoramic view. The software would monitor all the information and learning the driver’s thanks to the artificial intelligence. The price estimaría for this kit would be $ 1,000.


And what is the beginning of this story? Nothing less than a kind of bet with Elon Musk, the famous CEO of Tesla. When they met, the young man claimed to be able to improve their technology, and the officer challenged him that if he got them, we would reward with a lucrative contract. Hotz, however, rejected the offer when he felt that Musk was changing the terms of your agreement.

For now his only ambition is to show that your technology works and that it is affordable for everyone. In fact, a reporter from Bloomberg was the first to verify that the Acura ILX autonomous works quite well. In motorway and more than 100 km/h the vehicle maintained the trajectory and the safety distances driving alone the steering wheel and pedals the accelerator and brake.

George Hotz hacker vehiculo autonomoThe difference between your system and others, according to the hacker, it is learning. While in other systems, we introduce a closed-source with thousands of parameters in his no rules. Learn directly from the driver, analyzing his way of carrying the vehicle and its reactions to different situations. Soon Hotz will begin to driving for Uber so as to accumulate more driving experience in your Acura.

In a few five months hopes to have its autonomous vehicle completely ready for surprise to Elon Musk. His plan is to take it to the Golden Gate, where it is said that some Tesla have had problems by not being able to read a few lines of the road almost erased. There aims to collect video as your Acura ILX outperforms a Tesla on the bridge and then continue by road (I-405 to the living Musk, in Los Angeles.

Source – Bloomberg

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