A home restyling for the veteran Lada Niva

The Niva is produced by Lada some decades no significant changes . Ukrainian got down to work to effect you a facelift on their own.
Lada Niva was it released by the Russian house AvtoVAZ towards the end of the seventies and remains almost aesthetic alterations of importance to today . But that did not stop an owner Ukrainian put to work for a facelift effect you that rejuvenates its front and subsequent sector.

Restyling home for Lada Niva in Ukraine.

With new headlights, grille and bumper , the front is shown rejuvenated and almost looks like a prototype, thanks to the materials and design used.

Besides the renewed Niva has new alloy wheels and subsequent sector has also been renewed with the addition of some new headlights, moldings, bumpers and an outlet exhaust with chrome finish. Both the front and in the rear sector, lower sections of the body have been executed with a kind of quirk, which is accompanied by the bumper.

A very simple idea, executed very verbose mode, presumably until could be well accepted by the public if the AvtoVAZ itself that update to that currently is called simply Lada 4X4 with this series of updates.


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