A Honda Civic with nine occupants collide and one of them was riding in the trunk!

After an accident occurred in the Uk, the nine occupants of this Honda Civic fleeing the scene, including the one that travels inside the boot.

Andn some cities, the roads have special lanes for vehicles with more than one occupant, to encourage people not to travel alone in their cars. However, the law surely does not contemplate that the nine people travelling inside of a Honda Civic.

This is what has occurred in the Uk, as he has registered it as a security camera. The video shows when the driver of an Audi was stopped and immediately is rammed from behind by a Honda Civic. Up to there everything seems normal, but the surprise begins when the occupants of the Honda start to drop of the car to flee.

images surprise, since we may observe how eight people descend on the Civic and run running. But much to the surprise, one of them back to open the trunk and allow a ninth occupant can leave the car.