A hood adhesive is the invention of Google to reduce damage in accidents


With the strange title attached to this news started talking about a new patent that has been granted to Google after two years. It is a adhesive layer that could be placed in the hood of any car.

The patent argues that, thanks to a strong adhesive, damage that he would produce a car to a pedestrian after an impact front would considerably, because, when you “catch” the pedestrian, it would not be released upon impact.

it is Also designed to catch cyclists or animals.

The patent argues that there are many of the situations that occur when an individual is run over. Due to the force of the impact, the individual may be thrown upward at the front and roll on the ground, etc.. and serious injuries after the impacto.

un-capo-adhesivo-es-el-invento-de-google un-capo-adhesivo-es-el-invento-de-google

this the only damage to suffer the individual would be the actual impact, although the hood is patented it doesn’t diminish the severity of the damage caused by the impact. In spite of everything, and although it could be adapted to any vehicle, the idea of Google is that the use of this hood for autonomous cars, which should be prepared in order to avoid this kind of accidents. It is simply a way of preventing more damage.

As a last point the hood will not always be activated, on the contrary would go trapping all the insects with which they interbreed. Only active in case of detecting an impact.

As is the case with many patents, although it has been granted, is not assured that will some day see the light. Time will tell.