A hot rod incomprehensible to the Japanese, so the Toyota KIKAI

The Toyota KIKAI was born to be irreverent. Imagine a hot rod to the Japanese public, add three seats, an image close to that of the future something cyberpunk and turn it into conceptual model. Toyota presents the occasion of Tokyo Motor Show 2015 … and no, I could not be more peculiar.

A buggy worthy of the next installment of Mad Max, so we could quickly describe this Toyota KIKAI

On one side gets a classic American hot rod. On the other, I mix it with cyberpunk future set in Japan.

is difficult to describe the concept of Toyota KIKAI . On the one hand we encounter a large part of the mechanical components exposed, the other a bare body that swirls creating a bubble of modern design in which place is given to the compartment.

The interior of Toyota KIKA continues its dedication to our attention. The driving position is a central provision while after this we came across two seats to accommodate a 1 + 2 cabin occupants.

The driving position as well as being central is totally starring a many spheres .

obviously hardly find such a model led to production . In fact it is even hard to imagine applications of this model can be transferred to the street, to production cars.

Toyota has been reluctant to offer mechanical details, but left us with heights, meeting with a length of 3,400 mm, a width of 1,800 mm and a height of 1,550 mm , and its distance wheelbase of 2,450 mm.


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