A judge excuse Porsche for the accident that took the life of Paul Walker

Paul WalkerSure that all of you will remember the tragic accident that cost the life of Paul Walker, famous for his role in the saga ‘ A todo gas”. The facts occurred in November 2013, when the actor lost his life alongside his friend Roger Rodas. Months after the widow of Rodas filed a lawsuit against Porsche alleging that the Carrera GT they were travelling at the time of the incident had “manufacturing defects and safety”. A complaint has now been dismissed by a federal judge in Los Angeles who has determined that the German brand is not guilty of the accident.

thus Philip S. Gutierrez, federal judge of the state of California, in the united States, has exculpated to Porsche for the accident that took the lives of Paul Walker. Kristine Rodas, the wife of the friend of the actor, was the one who he denounced to the German mark, ensuring that the Porsche Carrera GT did not comply with the safety standards required by. In the complaint it was mentioned, among other things, that the marina did not have a fuel tank sufficiently isolated to prevent possible fires, the suspension system rode had faults and that the occupants were not protected by a safety cage.

Accidente Paul Walker y Roges RodasPorsche defended of these charges arguing that Roger Rodas was at fault for the accident since, according to the verdict from the company, “chose to behave in a way in which it was exposed to dangers and risks.” The German mark continued to assert that Rhodes was guilty of “other injuries or damages claimed”, being dissociated from all blame.

As you will recall, the tragic accident happened in November of 2013. Paul Walker was travelling alongside his friend Roger Rodas, who was driving, in a Porsche Carrera GT. According to the first investigations of the authorities the accident was due to speeding. This research ensured that in the time of the collision the car was circulating at a speed of between 130 and 150 km/h, being limited the way to 72 km/h. The German company still faces two demands, made by the daughter of the actor and the other by the father.

Source – The Detroit News