A lady of 79 years of age can drive a F1, but not a lady either (the video proves it)

at Some time or other we have gone up to a car, but had little to do with a Formula 1. If you are followers of the pinnacle of world motorsport sure you have heard that, to pilots of today, the physical form is vital. The Formula 1 generate huge accelerations, both lateral and longitudinal, and a person who is not prepared physically (and mentally also) may not endure almost 2 hours to similar speeds.

With all of the above, no-one would believe that a person with a 79-year-old could get on a F1 modern and fly it for a few laps in a circuit. The truth is that it is hard to believe. But it turns out that yes, a elderly woman of 79 years has been put behind the wheel of a Lotus-Renault F1 with 800 HP at the circuit Paul Ricard in the south of France. The case is that this old woman is not a lady either.

If you are lovers of the rally from several decades ago or if, on the contrary, know deeply the history of this discipline, I will sound the name of Rosemary Smith. This irish woman from Dublin in particular, was the owner of a clothing store. According to legend, one of her clients invited her to be his co-pilot. Rosemary Smith took a little jump to the driving position and letting it almost all for cars, having gained even a Rally.

When he left the races formed a driving school with units of Renault Clio. Will probably the lady irish did not think that he would be at the controls of a Formula 1, but sure yes what he dreamed on occasion. Thanks to Renault Sport, which seems very good mood by that celebrate her 40th birthday, we have been given this opportunity. “Any person can fulfill their dreams at any age if you put your mind to it and always follows his passions”, stated Smith.

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