A Lamborghini Aventador SV undergoes spontaneous combustion in the heat of Dubai

Dubai is one of the hottest places on earth, especially during the summer months. And in September the heat still pressing tremendously, with temperatures that can exceed 45 degrees calmly. Apparently the heat of Dubai has made one of the first Lamborghini Aventador SV has burned . Unfortunately, the car completely burned , being unrecoverable. It was a rental car, as can be read in the state of Instagram Russian model who had rented (or riding in the car).

Only six hundred units of the Lamborghini Aventador SV will be manufactured.

Firefighters took little to extinguish the fire, which happened without full notice the car while driving through the streets of downtown Dubai, in Dubai Marina. But when the flames begin to make pasture a car, you can get completely burnt in a few minutes . There is nothing that firefighters could do more to turn the embers of the fire. We might think that such a car is not prepared to withstand the temperatures of the desert, but we would be wrong.

Manufacturers Testan their cars in extreme conditions, and this unit was specially prepared, it was destined for markets where high temperatures are a constant release. Had a particularly powerful cooling system, could do little in this case. It seems that a manufacturing defect caused comenzase something to burn. Unfortunately, one of the Aventador SV 600 to be manufactured no more. You can not even take advantage of some component. A real shame.

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