A limited edition of the Audi R8 rear wheel drive will debut in Frankfurt

Audi is preparing a special edition with rear-wheel drive of the Audi R8, which will debut at the Frankfurt motor show 2017.

Andl Frankfurt Auto show 2017 is already starting and the brands are quick to show advances the novelties that will be bringing to the German living room. In this framework, Audi spread some of the details of a special edition of the supercar R8, which will only be offered with rear-wheel drive.

For the moment we do not know how many units will be produced of this Audi R8 for the moment leave aside the all-wheel drive, although this first video advancement tells us that the car will take a aesthetic specific outside, with a body color white with some details in red.

With respect to their mechanical there is also no official information, beyond the confirmation that this special edition of the Audi R8 will focus on the propulsion in a single axis. Possibly use the same FSI engine V10 of 5.2 liters, which develops up to 610 BHP of power and which is combined with an automatic S-Tronic, a mechanical combination that allows you to down to 3.2 seconds in the 0-100.

The German firm has always gone for the Quattro as the only formula available for the models of high performance. However for the upcoming Frankfurt motor show Audi seems to be on the verge of breaking with this tradition and this the first promotional video of an Audi R8 doing donuts on the asphalt seems to confirm that the rumors about a Audi R8 rear-wheel-drive were finally certain.

in Addition to showing off the rear wheel drive, this Audi R8 is else would market in the form of a limited edition, but still the details are very scarce. Anyway just missing a few hours for his debut in the Frankfurt Auto show 2017, when we will be able to know all the details of this very special edition of the supercar German.