A little makeup: the Subaru Forester received an imperceptible facelift in Tokyo

If I show these pictures and tell you that Subaru just launch a new Forester , you would have to believe me. Because at first glance it’s really difficult to know if there is any change in the renewed Subaru Forester. It will be unveiled at the Tokyo and among its novelties a developed aesthetics, better ergonomics and connectivity solutions as well as a negligible amount of active safety technologies is counted. However, the Forester still looks like a SUV launched in 2005. And maybe that’s not a bad thing.

The technological innovations are cutting rather than aesthetic nature, do not fit doubt.

Because Subaru Forester continues placing practicality above all, one of the few SUVs on the market designed with just that provision in mind. This facelift is bring some more excitement and now the SUV Japanese, with a new more rounded calender and very slightly redesigned optics. Changes in the bumper are also very light and it is even difficult to see the changes at the rear of the car without comparing images of the two vehicles together.

Inside the Subaru Forester we can find a revised instrumentation, as well as a screen TFT higher resolution between the two central watches. The steering wheel has also been slightly refurbished and have a higher quality finishes. Most changes are focused on technology. For example, is the first Subaru to equip 100% adaptive lighting LED – called Adaptive Driving Beam. – A novelty in a brand as conservative with new technologies

in Europe will remain the 2.0 Boxer Diesel 147 hp engine as the most sold and sought.

may also equip Eyesight latest generation of system. A set of active safety systems consisting of an automatic braking in case of imminent accident, and adaptive cruise control system helps maintain rail. Optionally, the system Eyesight can also detect vehicles in the blind spot and vehicles approaching us when we are reversing -. Out of a parking lot on drums, for example

The engine range remains unchanged in Japan will be composed of two boxer petrol two-liter, turbocharged one. In Europe expected to receive the turbocharged 2.5 XT and the essential Boxer Diesel , with one of the best turbodiesel market. In Japan the most powerful version receives an electronic simulation of self-locking, a system in conjunction with ESP distributes torque to the wheels under heavy acceleration. This facelift will take a few months to reach Europe.

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