A look at the Nissan sales


Nissan Qashqai

Nissan is one of the manufacturers in the most unrecognizable has been its offering of model in a very short time. The maximum exponent is given in the SUV and crossover, coming to live together four models: the Juke, Qashqai, X-Trail and Murano (discontinued). These models have shifted to the other.

Till they came to the compact Push to our market, they had spent several years in a row without such a model in the Nissan range. After the retirement of the Almera came to the Has had a commercial life short to not be adapted to the tastes of europeans.

The new Pulsar is also a model of universal court, although it is better adapted to the taste of europeans, and is manufactured in Europe, specifically in Barcelona. What about the other segments? Missing sedans since the demise of the First and the Maxima. Also missing coupes and rafters accessible. Those segments already does not pull, at least at Nissan.


The Nissan Pulsar does not have an approach as ambitious as the Volkswagen Golf, bet on the quality/price, as the Hyundai i30

According to Guillaume Cartier, head of european sales, before 2020 we will see more sales of SUVS and crossover other segments. As soon as it can happen in the coming year, it is something that is about to occur. other brands, Nissan these cars are 70% of sales.

Nissan is a special case, because it has been concentrated much in that type of car -normal, are sold very well – and has lost interest in other segments, although in other areas of the world continue to operate. For example, there is the urban Micra, but is oriented to the bottom of its category, it is not exactly a competitor of Ibiza or Fiesta, but with cars like Mitsubishi Space Star, between the two waters (segments A/B).

The Qashqai and the Juke created in a certain way their segments. Qashqai, unlike the Toyota RAV4, was thought of as a concentration model and, if anything, all-wheel drive. Not the other way around. In the Juke’s all-wheel drive is reserved for the more powerful model. The huge bulk of the sales is traction 4×2. It was a big leap from the SUV to the crossover, pints of off-road, but not intended for that purpose.

Model Units Increase
GT-R 5 0%
Juke 7.411 +21,3%
Leaf 327 +72.1 percent
Micra 2.110 -28,6%
Note 1.583 -28,6%
Press 2.485 -35,4%
Qashqai 12.579 +3,6%
X-Trail 3,347 people +102,1%
370Z 32 +190,9%

Sales of Nissan (only passenger cars) in Spain from January to June 2016

let’s Take a fleeting look at the sales of Nissan in our country, from January to June, inclusive. The Qashqai is by far the best-selling, followed by the Juke. For each Press sold about six Qashqai. For each Micron is sold almost four Juke. Even the X-Trail sells better than the compact. The Press, Note and Micra have lost a third of sales, as compared to the first half of 2015.

The sales of the sports are in the minority, five crazy people have bought a GT-R, and have only been given out 32 370Z despite the fact that the access model has been lowered by nearly 10,000 euros. Yes, sales of the 370Z have increased 191%, all told. The Note is to be, and the Leaf is a minority option, though it has risen to 72.1% this year, almost the double!

Seeing these figures, we can better understand the situation

The Qashqai continues as a leader in its category in Europe despite having 20 competitors -according to Nissan – and the Juke still holds after having been for years the number 1 in its category. X-Trail is in very good place, although it does not lead its category. The Murano, with or without a diesel engine, is not the most suitable for the european market, starting by how expensive it was.


Range of electric Nissan

however, we cannot say that the Leaf go precisely wrong. Since they began to be manufactured in Europe (Sunderland, United Kingdom) started to take off, and with the increased autonomy thanks to the release of 30 kWh, the factory does not heed the demand, according to the governor. The Leaf has a very good acceptance in markets such as the Norwegian, where electric makes more sense than in Spain.

Nissan is the asian brand most vibrant in Europe, considering the sales of passenger cars, suvs and commercial vehicles. The opponent to beat is Toyota, and there is little. Although this latest brand has added to its commercial offer, the Proace, is not enough against Nissan, which has more models for professional use.

in view of the changes of tastes that has experienced the european market, Nissan has proven to fit in the segments that most throw, and the less successful have been abandoned. If it were not for the sports Z and GT-R, the brand would not have the same emotional pull, but there is a fair mention to the models Nismo, which democratize the sportsmanship to be based on models of increased production. Not everything is sell crossovers


Range of industrial Nissan. The majority is manufactured in Spain, except the van NV400