A Lotus Evora Sport 410 by way of tribute to the legendary Esprit S1 James Bond

there Are many movies that have had some influence in
the automotive sector, and vice versa, there have been some vehicles that have been
a central piece of many “films” of Hollywood. One of the examples more clear what
we have with the saga of movies, the most famous spy in the world James Bond.
This year marks the 40 anniversary of the
premiere of the film
The spy who
I loved
” (1977).


Lotus Evora Sport 410 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the film “The spy who loved me”.

For the part that touches us, in that movie he made act of presence one of the Lotus most popular in the world of cinema, the iconic Lotus Esprit S1 used by Bond and that had the ability to become a submarine functional. All an amphibious vehicle that the protagonist of the film used for the task of secret agent. Well, to celebrate such an important anniversary, the guys of Lotus Cars have presented an interesting “one-off”.

A single unit created by Lotus Exclusive and they want to remember that mythical “car spy”. With this aim we present the Lotus Evora Sport 410 that we can see in the pictures that accompany this article. Presents an exterior and interior with a special finish that makes reference to the mentioned Esprit S1 and as we say, there is only one unit.

The changes with respect to the Evora Sport 410 meets the eye. We have an exterior painted in a white color combined with a roof and some elements in black. The tailgate, painted the same shade of white, is manufactured in a single piece and is made of carbon fiber.


Created by Lotus Exclusive, there will only be one unit of this Evora Sport 410.

Leaving to one side the outside, and taking a look at the images of cabin, we will see a new upholstery and trim, which combine the color red and black both in the dashboard and in the center console. Seats and door panels feature a new pattern. We also have the distinctive sports seats carbon fiber of this version of the Lotus Evora.

In regard to subparagraph (mechanical, there are no changes, so it continues to be powered by a engine V6 3.5-liter supercharged with a power of 416 HP (410 hp). It can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.1 seconds and reach a top speed of 300 km/h depending on the type of change that is associated with the above-mentioned block of gasoline.

¿What will be its price? Of time, Lotus Cars has not revealed the price of this unit so unique, although we may take it for granted that it will be much more expensive that the Evora Sport 410 on which it is based, and the price of which part in Germany from the 107.800€. It is also unknown what will be your fate.