A luxury holiday: Bentley opened its first house in Austria

Bentley wants to offer more than luxury cars of luxury. Wants to offer a universe of services and products for gourmets , which carry in your pocket for a mobile Vertu Bentley more expensive than a car, stay in hotels, a Bentley Suite in a luxury hotel and even you organize a getaway weekend with family or friends, in a village house. Bentley has just opened a house in Kitzbuhel, Austria, in the Tyrol , at the foot of the Alps and only 82 kilometers from Innsbruck, Salzburg other much, and 127 kilometers from Munich.

royally. Bentley unveils its hotel room at the St. Regis Istanbul

Bentley attend reservations for this accommodation with special attention to their customers, and what they call “friends” brand. With prices ranging between 780 € and 1,480 € night , depending on the season. Recall that this house is located in an area of ​​special winter attractive for its skiing, but also summer, the number of activities carried out in the region in the summer. Each house can accommodate up to eight guests and can only be booked for weeks, Monday through Sunday, or at weekends, from Thursday to Sunday.

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The reservations service shall be accompanied by a team of employees Bentley ensure everything is to your liking. And, as one would expect, Bentley will also offer guests the opportunity to try its range of vehicles . So the client just ask the models or you want to try to make them available during the weekend.

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royally. Bentley unveils its hotel room at the St. Regis Istanbul

The ideal complement to your mobile Vertu Bentley is a € 12,500 more expensive than a car

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