A mechanic, unable to fix a car, burn it directly opted

The story of the week is hard to believe, absurd and, above all, delirious. The Civil Guard Loja (Granada province) have arrested a mechanic for install a home system to cause a fire in the car of one of his clients . The mechanic is now charged with attempted murder and damage. And you’re probably wondering, what led to a mechanic to commit an act as dangerous as absurd? Apparently despair three years of fruitless work on the car to diagnose and repair a breakdown always fared elusive. Years trying to repair it, with pieces of scrap, and do not achieve their goal. Years in which the mechanical work could not charge for not having solved the problem initially led this client to the workshop.

installed a home combustion system to burn the car, his client was compensated by insurance, and the mechanic could collect the work he did during three fruitless years to repair a fault.

How mechanic tries to make the car caught fire? Apparently it would have created a highly rudimentary. According to the investigation of the case (see The Independent Granada) system it would be based on a rope tensarĂ­a at the time of ignition of the car and generate friction with matches, which in turn would cause the combustion of a fuel canisters hidden Stickers.

What was he the mechanic? In desperation, hoped the fire destroyed the vehicle, the insurance will indemnify his client and could finally collect his work. Everyone happy. The problem is that your plan, worthy of Pepe Gotera and Otilio, Mortadelo and Filemon and the best stories of the great Ibanez went wrong. In fact it was not the first time I had tried.


Neither attempts Civil Guard worked and soon found that the fire was caused by sabotage.

After leaving the workshop, tours and just a few hundred meters, the car began to burn . The victim, who was carrying his daughter to kindergarten, got out, the fire was put out with fire and proceeded to denounce what happened. The Civil Guard soon found that something strange was happening, to find the remains of the system to cause the fire. In Menéame No comments of a user who claims to be a witness to what happened.

The Civil Guard Loja quickly close the circle around the mechanic and his environment. And in his statement would be the mechanical collapse itself which recognized to be responsible for the facts. Also ensuring that would not have been the first time I have tried . On his first attempt, also there was a fire, but with much less consequences, so that not even raised suspicions in the car owner a report justifying departure. The aim was not to cause mechanical injury, but obviously the risk that something occurred was so high.

Surprisingly, this mechanical thought that the plan would work . And working, and get the car completely burned down, and did not cause damage to the occupants, the investigation did not identify signs of sabotage.

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