A Mercedes A 45 AMG for 9500 euros? Where is the catch?

The Mercedes A 45 AMG has been commissioned recently raised to a new level the roof of power compact sports appearing before us, after face washing with 381 horse power. Perhaps the arrival of the facelift you’ve been wondering what price will have some A 45 AMG used to search for a portal used. Perhaps in this search process you’ve encountered this peculiar and cheap Mercedes A 45 AMG announced within 9,500 euros .

Before the facelift Mercedes A 45 AMG had a starting price of 56,000 euros in Spain

The reason for such a price is obvious. No, not that the Mercedes A 45 AMG protagonist of the announcement does not go through his prime, not that I need a little paint and some small arrangement … is that has been directly pasture Flames .

But the damage to this unit not go just for the fruits of the fire. Previously, before dropping to burn, this A 45 AMG had a stroke … and not small judging by the damage to the body of the small AMG .

Apparently little you can exploit. Neither the tires are in good condition. Therefore, despite having only 19,000 kilometers just does not seem to be paying a bargain that 9,500 euros this A 45 AMG .

On the Mercedes A 45 AMG

You can know all the details of the new Mercedes A 45 AMG in the article “Mercedes A 45 AMG 2016 , now even hotter: differential, improved aerodynamics and … 381 cv “.

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