A Mercedes A45 AMG Special Edition F1 to celebrate the doublet

The team from Mercedes-Petronas has spent two years adding up successes. Their team of riders have gotten one more season the doublet; constructors championship and drivers championship. That’s why Mercedes wants to celebrate such a special achievement with the launch of a Mercedes A45 AMG Special Edition Formula 1.


A combination of colors in the purest style Formula 1

Taking as a basis one of the new Mercedes A45 AMG 2016, we sum the livery of colors that looks like your brother racing, gray, green, and black. customers will be able to however choose other shades of gray, since the black and the green are unchanged. A copy to the small scale of the F1 W06.

On the inside is chosen to include all items of equipment and have gotten. We are facing a special edition, so Mercedes goes with everything. Once again we see how the green and black will take over the design, and to make clear the model so special to the one that we are, it integrates a plate in the front of the centre tunnel.

Where there will be no changes in the mechanical part. The A45 AMG Special Edition will not come to the height of the F1 W06, but will continue to be the most powerful compact in the world with this four-cylinder engine able to detach a power of 381. A rocket in reduced format that is sold with a starting price for the German market 65.402 euros.


All the possible equipment in addition to a commemorative plaque

The Mercedes A45 AMG Special Edition Formula 1 will be presented this weekend at the last Grand Prix of the season played in the layout of the city of Abu Dhabi, where the team from Mercedes-Petronas will be getting a new doublet, thus reinforcing the record that they themselves possess.