A million of Hyundai’s Sonata, called to review for defects in the belt

Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

calls to review are procedures in which a manufacturer warns of a defect in any one or more of the elements or systems of a product that should be revised, replaced or repaired. The cars have a multitude of parts and technologies, so it is normal that once in a while a car may be called to review. But when is a campaign related with some security system draws the most attention.

In this case, Hyundai calls review almost 980.000 units of the Hyundai Sonata traded in united States, in different versions and during the years 2011 and 2015. The default comes from the system of anchorage of the seat belt that, as it seems, it might come off and does not perform its function in the event of an accident. So what has been communicated by the NHTSA (National Highway Safety Driving Academy), but also reports that it is known no injured or deceased because of this problem.

As we know, the seat belts affected in the Hyundai Sonata called to review are the of the plazas front. As we said, the anchor point of the own belt with the pretensioner can come loose because of the forces arising during an accident. In the case of occur, the system does not perform its function and, therefore, the safety of the driver and front passenger side windows would be drastically reduced.

The asian brand will notify owners of affected vehicles by mail, as it seems, from the 7th April. The official services of the workshop will review and assume the problem if the vehicle is actually affected. As usual, these repairs will not have any cost for the customers, neither for parts nor for the labor, taking charge of all expenses for own car company. This is the largest campaign carried out by Hyundai in the united States.

Source – Motor1