A millionaire belgian refuses to see the death of the Holden Commodore… and he has a plan

I had Never heard of Guido Dumarey. Is a millionaire belgian, owner of a supplier company of General Motors. Your company manufactures automatic gearboxes that equip the Holden Commodore australians, at least those equipped with a V6 engine under the hood. General Motors will no longer die with their platform Zeta to the Commodore, almost at the same time that Ford leaves the australian production of its Falcon rear-wheel-drive. Dumarey is desolate, and will not allow General Motors to give the final thrust to the Commodore.

Dumarey is a specialist in the rescue business badly managed with potential. Saved years ago BBS Wheels.

This belgian is a fan confessed of those sedans and pick-up passenger cars with rear-wheel drive that run free through the australian outback. Your company has invested a lot of money in the production of gearboxes for these vehicles, and refuse to see to die a platform with still a lot of potential, in their own words. General Motors will close the plant of Elizabeth to the end of 2017, replacing the Commodore by an imported version of front-wheel drive, possibly based on the Chevrolet Impala or the Opel Insignia.


The millionaire belgian aims to to bid for the production facilities of Elizabeth, as well as the rights on the platform, Zeta General Motors. 2016 is the key year for an operation which in his own words, will be impossible without government support. His idea is to transform the Commodore into a line of vehicles premium court marking prestacional, and export them out of Australia, as well as strengthen its presence in the national territory. Good intentions for which there is a multitude of obstacles.

Dumarey want to leave this transition to settled mid-2016 at the very latest.

No one forces you to General Motors or the Government of Australia to maintain the facilities – unfortunately – deficient. It is clear that Dumarey play the charter of local employment and the network of suppliers, that will disappear next to the factory of Elizabeth, and the close – almost at the same time – of the production facilities of Ford of Australia. If you got to keep this platform, you will need to apañárselas to get an engine provider and a worldwide distribution network.


Up to now, only the Chevrolet SS and the Vauxhall VXR8 have come out of Australia with destination to the rest of the world, in numbers very limited. Yes I see more sense to the plan Dumarey to build a series of commercial vehicles on the platform Commodore, taking advantage of the existing development and perhaps expanding it to more light industrial, such as for example a van. Dumarey has the support of several local legislators, and when the support is total, submit a business plan full General Motors.

Will be in the hands of the GM to give a second life to this platform or let it fall into oblivion, together with the automotive industry in australia.

Source: Autoblog
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