A mod for RFactor with 80 years of history


The 30’s resulted in the consolidation of the call Formula 1, a type of regulation that specified how they were to be the cars participating in the racing under that name. At that time, brands Italian and German used racing as a showcase of its technological prowess and firms like Auto Union, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo or Maserati is distributed the greater part of the victories. Later would come the World War II, and it served to separate the Formula 1 primeval to the modern, which was definitively established with the pursuit of the World Championship in 1950.

simulators are not alien to all this, because their users are mostly enthusiasts of the competition and, as not, of their history and the mechanical devices that have helped to write its pages.

In this case, we recall mythical machines like the Auto Union type C, Mercedes-Benz W125, Maserati 6CM, the E. R. To type-B or the Alfa Romeo 12C, vehicle with which we will board in the following video that highlights the qualities of RFactor, the simulator made by Image Space.

The creators of this mod set in 1937 are Team Vintage and The Big Ben, and the race is held on a circuit dummy on earth made by Kittx and it is located in the region of Ovragi and Varshko, located a few kilometres from St. Petersburg. The author of the video is David Rodriguez, in charge of driving the Maserati and delight with contravolantes and overtaking in one of the rear-wheel drive more suggestive of the history of motorsport.