A nail takes out another nail: Jon Olsson is preparing a Lamborghini Hurricane very special to forget your Audi RS6

do You remember the fantastic Audi RS6 Avant DTM of Jon Olsson? The Swedish skier was lost in the past year, the pasture of the flames after having been stolen in Amsterdam. That RS6 had an engine boosted up to 1,000 BHP, and when it was passed by a driver of Uber, the beastly family was a powerful nervous excitement on his passengers. They say that one nail takes out another nail, and so as not to miss his old Audi Jon Olsson will soon be piloting a Lamborghini Hurricane very special. The project has already begun.

The transformation of the cars is a priority for this swede, who has also become famous with her appearances in the Gumball 3000 – that “race” where the rich and famous commit all kinds of excesses, and not just speed. Jon Olsson has already had on your have a beautiful Audi R8 prepared by PPI, and the Audi RS6 Avant that was devoured by the flames. His latest acquisition has been a new Lamborghini Hurricane LP610-4, and with only 478 miles on your odometer, have already begun the modifications that will transform you to the full.

Jon-Olsson-Lamborghini-Huracan-5For a start, have removed all the body panels except the hood, doors and engine cover. Have scanned the car with a laser – a Swedish company of mapping in 3 dimensions has been in charge of this work and the panels that are missing will be replaced by a body kit constructed of carbon fiber, especially for this particular unit. We don’t know which workshop or which trainer will do, but the work is likely to be high.

I do Not think that Jon Olsson is going to leave the mechanics of the Lamborghini Hurricane, their cars usually have a high extra power at all times. It is possible to turn to Underground Racing or Dallas Performance, two specialists on u.s. Lamborghini, to develop kits of double turbocharging for these atmospheric conditions of 10 cylinders. In both cases, they have units that reach 2,400 HP of power, although I doubt that the swede wants to die on the road: perhaps in accordance with some 900 HP.

Jon-Olsson-Lamborghini-Huracan-2When the project is completed, we will know what is brought between the hands. In the meantime we can only speculate.

Source: GTSpirit
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