A new approach to Aston Martin Vanquish hand XCAR [Video]

team XCAR returns to give us one of those videos that make these British as we erect one of our Youtube channel essential for all petrolhead lovers. This time the object of analysis is neither more nor less than a gentleman Aston Martin Vanquish .

A V12 6 liter beating under the bonnet, 576 horses delivered to the rear axle, more than 320 km / h top speed, 0 100 km / h in only 3.8 seconds … and of course, the charm of the elegant line and house brand luxury and good materials from the compartment.

In 2014 Aston Martin presented us with a facelift for the Vanquish:

Last year about this time, the facelift for this model was presented. We tell you all the details of this facelift in the article “Aston Martin Vanquish 2015: more new features and improvements that the eye can see”


Time to give the play!

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