A new beast comes out of the ovens of ABT, now with the R8 as a base


The ABT R8 looks descomunalmente aggressive

recently I talked about the preparation of the manufacturer ABT the Audi RS6. But it seems that it is not enough for the German manufacturer, and now we have a new upgrade, this time for the Audi R8 V10 Plus, that happens to become another beast, more in the catalogue of ABT for the Geneva motor show 2017

For this model ABT has taken more calmly, if we compare it with the RS6+. The R8 have added a improvement in the flow of air and the use of a special system stainless steel exhaust with double-coated carbon fiber. We add to this a more than generous air intake on the gate of access to the engine and we get a extra power of 20 HP on the 610 HP that comes with this supercar German.


A rear dominated by the details in carbon fiber

Outwardly, we can highlight the radical change with a redesign of key areas of the sports, as they can be front, side or behind the German. Among the extras to add to this preparation we have the following:

Aerodynamic Kit exterior:

  • Faldón front ABT
  • Opening in the wheel arch ABT
  • Covered mirrors to ABT
  • Sideblade side ABT
  • sideblade, rear ABT
  • front Lip with details in the form of blades
  • Dual exhaust to each side coated carbon


Both the spoiler as the exhausts have been modified

All of these additives, as we have used the preparer, are completely made in carbon fiber, also being complemented by a 19-inch alloy wheels ER-F in high-gloss black or some forged 20-inch GR in matte black.

Taking a look inside we see that it has been coated in its practical entirety by Alcantara leather. The rest of the details have been replaced for a few pieces twin carbon fibre. The mats have also been changed for a few with the logo of ABT and R8. And as detail is added lighting under the rear view mirror that casts to the ground the logo R8.

as is The case with the ABT RS6+, in few days we will be able to draw our own conclusions to see it live at the Geneva motor show.


An interior covered almost entirely in leather alcantara and carbon fiber