A new Ford Focus RS500 could be on the way

Ford Focus RS500The Ford Focus RS is one of the compact sport segment endpoints. Its imposing image, your engine is of 350 horse power and its nature of all-wheel drive make it a car very desirable and tremendously effective we have all ever dreamed of having sleeping in our garage. With this variant already well established in the market, the rumors begin to flourish about whether the firm would re-launch a new Ford Focus RS500. What could happen? Let’s look at what is known at the moment of this possibility.

All will remember the Ford Focus RS500. His figure dark adorned by the matte black and its 350 horsepower connected to a front-wheel-drive is not easily forgotten. it Was a limited edition that the american company was in the market to the delight of all fans of the compact sports. Only 500 units were manufactured of which only 20 came to Spain at a price of about 43.400 euros. And is that on his arrival he declared himself as the front-wheel drive more powerful.

Ford Focus RS500 Are you thinking of Ford re-sell it a Focus of similar characteristics? According to Motor Mag yes. Apparently, the american company would have declared that they think make the hatchback more rapid acceleration of History. To achieve that milestone would have to outpace the Audi RS3 with its 367 HP and the Mercedes A45 AMG with its 381 HP, not an easy task. And is that both models fall below 4.3 seconds in the test of 0-100 km/h.

If it were to occur the new Ford Focus RS500 would receive a hearty the increase of power in the engine of 2.3-litre Ecoboost that is currently eroga 350 HP. Your body could get carbon fiber in abundance, a resource that would diminish the total weight, making the model a car more ligeor and fast, and it would increase the exclusivity of the version. Also would sell as a limited edition and we also expect to exceed 45,000 euros final price.

Source – Engine Mag

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