A new Honda Civic Type R comes to the TCR Series


Honda has had a leading role since the birth of the TCR Series. JAS Motorsport, trainer and the Italian partner of the japanese manufacturer in its various projects in passenger cars, launched the Honda Civic TCR ahead of the season 2015, a car that has undergone two evolutions in order to continue to be an option very competitive. Now, JAS Motorsport has put all the meat on the grill and has unveiled the new Honda Civic Type R TCR, vehicle that will debut in the season 2018 and has been developed from the new production model of the brand. Premiered in addition to a version of resistance with specific details.

The new Civic Type R include an exterior design renovated with an aerodynamic kit that has been developed specifically to offer the minimum resistance to the air and generate a greater ground effect. The rear suspension system has been modified and is now a multi-link with anti-roll bar. The body is more rigid, lighter, and with greater distance between axes, resulting in a better dynamic behaviour and greater stability. Finally, has also provided a new electronic control unit (ECU). The variation of resistance with a system of additional lighting, climate control and anti-lock braking.

The new Honda Civic Type R TCR is the last exponent of the intimate and successful relation between Honda and JAS Motorsport, collaboration that extends from 1998. The coach in Italian, he participated as a protagonist in the development of the first Honda Civic Type R that came to the circuits and to the best rally international in 2001. The Honda Civic TC1 WTCC has been one of the milestones of this relationship that has spanned the World of Cars, the ETCC, the TCR Series and other competitions of cars. The first 25 Honda Civic Type R TCR will be available for delivery from 15 December.