A new perspective on video, the new Audi R8 2015

The new Audi R8 has already walked in video fully exposed. Days ago was seen by Ascari still camouflaged, but now is the time to see it in all its glory. A conservative design, an atmospheric mechanics that refuses to disappear, innovative design to interior … Time to enjoy the new Audi R8 video!

Audi R8 remains in this new engine V10 aspirated 5.2-liter, bringing it up to 610 hp now.

With the sound of V10 atmospheric shared with the Lamborghini Hurricane, soundtrack, can already see from a new perspective the design of this second generation of the Audi R8, one second generation has adapted to the original line all new repertoire of details of current design language German design firm.

540 or 610 horses , the V10 comes in two flavors, leaving us now with the question of whether we will see an alternative below, as is currently happening with version V8.

Video Unit is an V10 Plus betrays his wing. Besides the extra power and new aerodynamic appendages, crowning his rear spoiler good size, we find among other details with carbocerámicos endowment brakes or new steering wheel in the integrates a command to select the driving mode and a button to trigger the melodic repertoire of the exhaust system.

Source: Audi
In Diariomotor: Audi R8 2015 comes the new beast of Ingolstadt

I know live in the Geneva and hit the streets next summer . Meanwhile, do not miss this video:

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