A new report confirms that Ferrari is developing a new SUV


Render of a hypothetical Ferrari SUV.

A new article from Bloomberg has given more strength to the report of the british press which claimed that the Italian brand is developing a new model of court SUV. This will come at the end of this decade and would be based on the predecessor of the current Ferrari GTC4Lusso model that would take the frame and the transmission system, an awd system can be turned off Ferrari called the 4RM, an acronym that means 4 wheel drive.

The new report from Bloomberg also cites an anonymous source inside the company, as is the original article from Autocar, which ensures that the model is already in development, revealing some of the details of the future model. This will be a block V8 attached to an electric motor, so that we can tell you that as many of the new versions that we will see born in the catalogue of the brand will be hybrid.

The Italian company uses to define this model the expression Utility Vehicle instead of using the acronym full (SUV), which has created a new acronym to denote this particular type, FUV, which we understand to mean Ferrari Utility Vehicle. All of you who have good memory will recall that the own Sergio Marchionne said, just last year, that the brand never manufactured an SUV. Surely this new acronym is the excuse to deny that the new model corresponds with the characteristics of this new and lucrative segment.


Headquarters of the brand in Maranello.

┬┐What is the reason of this change of mind?, simple, money. On the basis of Bloomberg in his new article, the project F16X form part of the new 5-year plan that they are developing Marchionne and the staff of FCA, because remember, Ferrari has only been out of FCA about the role, what is certain is that their owners remain the same.

This new plan of Marchionne contemplates doubling the benefits of here to the year 2022, so the new SUV model would be one of the key pieces of this plan, that Ferrari estimated to sell only in the chinese market up to 2,000 units per year, bringing the number of production set at 10,000 units per year. The price of this model would be around 300,000 euros, figures on the level of the range V12 Maranello.

The new plan to be unveiled in its entirety next year 2018 and will include, in addition to the project F16X the new variants hybrid of the range.