A new trilogy of films and the Furious saga will close permanently

The saga “ Full Gas ” appeared to have come to an end. Really all films in the series have a closed end so as to have them completed in the saga enough. The tragic death of Paul Walker last year he nearly truncate the seventh installment of “Full”, but its overwhelming success to Universal Pictures has moved up three more movies. One last trilogy to give by closed a saga that will have as many deliveries as “Star Wars” in a third of the time.

The joint collection of the saga has already exceeded 1,000 million.

The announcement is official, Vin Diesel himself has posted on his Facebook page . The storyline will follow the films, which obviously will not have starring Paul Walker, not even as part of the plot is unknown. The current debate focuses on the choice of manager since at least the eighth film script itself is written. The saga is one of the highest grossing in history, so this is not a trivial choice.

fast-and-furious-7-estadisticas-04-1440px Moreover, the idea of ​​making a trilogy’s last three films suggest some connection between the films plot level, possibly temporary . It is expected that the current division repeat – this includes Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” – and expanded with new actors of the first order. Vin Diesel rumored eighth time the film takes place in New York as an ideal ago, but it remains to be seen if the choice is left in the pan. Keep you informed.

Source: Motor Trend
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