A new turbo is leading the counter-attack from Ferrari


the results of The Monaco Grand Prix, and the absence of the red car in the first three places both in the race as in qualifying, have led to a call to the order in Ferrari, which will seek to return to the load in a path more conducive to the qualities of the SF16-H as the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. To do this, the Scuderia will Montreal significant modifications in your car, the most important being the employed in the power unit.

Sebastian Vettel to debut in Canada its third power unit this season, which will come with a new and improved turbo, whose development has cost a total of three tokens to Ferrari. With this, the aim is to maximize the energy recovery of the part of the hybrid power unit (MGU-H) to increase the boost of the turbo, and take advantage of the potential of the ERS classification.

in Addition, the SF16-H will have a rear suspension extensively modified, after the problems of traction that the car has been presented in the last two grands prix, and the loss of performance that the car of Vettel suffered in the classification of Monaco. Given that the design pull-rod doesn’t seem to provide the necessary rigidity for traction more effective, since Ferrari is looking for to increase the grip mechanic to make the tires respond the right way in your sales operation ideal, another of the problems of Ferrari in qualifying

The improvement in the engine, in the words of the head of the Department of Power Units Mattia Binotto, it can be crucial on a circuit like Montreal, that has two distinct parts:

hybrid system is important, because the main straight requires the delivery of
all the power
, make sure that you recover properly the energy in the
part twisty circuit, and ensure that the storage is full when
salts of the fork

Maurizio Arrivabene, for his part, said previously that his team must work on the issues that have prevented Ferrari to classify above to avoid greater evils in the race-derived positions more delayed than usual.

“we Know
that the problem is related to how it works in our car with the tires.
We have to work and fix this bug, because if not we can start
the racing at the front, we face problems that do not
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