A Nissan GT-R “shooting brake”? And it is not so bad …

would be madness to launch a Nissan GT-R body with “shooting brake” type? Not at all. The rear hatchback would not have to sit you wrong, but lose one of the most appreciated silhouette views and should find a place to fit a good spoiler that does justice to a name like GT-R . It is not planned a Nissan GT-R “family”, much less. What you see is a recreation of Rain Prisk Designs, which shows that the idea, strange as it may seem, it makes sense. Even Ferrari has a sports of this nature.

Nissan GT-R Wagon, strange preparation

The “shooting brake” have a unique rationale, practicality. Enjoy a spacious and accessible boot and two more comfortable and spacious rear seats, for example height, than those available in a 2 + 2 coupe and the Nissan GT-R. The story of the “shooting brake” on the other hand, goes back to the time when there were not even cars. The term “shooting brake” already used in England to define the carriages pulled by horses, which were used in the Century XIX to go hunting. Today it is common to use the term for vehicles, usually three doors, which mixed the concept coupe and family.

still do not throw your hands to the head . We had already seen before a Nissan GT-R “shooting brake” type or rather, Wagon. And unfortunately for us, that was real …

Source: Rain Prisk Designs | Via: GT Spirit
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Nissan GT-R Wagon, strange preparation

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