A pick-up of Audi it would be interesting as a manager in Australia

Audi pick-up render

Recreation of the pick-up of Audi by Theophilus Chin

What is certain is that in the european market sales of pick-up are quite low and each time we see less on our roads. But there are places where this kind of vehicles they are still going strong for its versatility. Australia is one of the places where the most demand, because one out of every six vehicles sold is a pickup. Even a manager of the brand of the four hoops has dared to make a striking statements.

To Andrew Doyle, head of Audi in Australia, “it would be interesting that the German manufacturer will expand its range of models with an Audi pick-up. He continued by saying that “the brand has shown that every time who delves into different areas and segments you can have success.” It would not be a model difficult to produce, as that could take advantage of the platform, and a multitude of elements of Volkswagen Amarok, that we have had the opportunity to try.

Audi pick-up render

Recreation of the pick-up of Audi by Theophilus Chin

time are only imaginations, but there is always the possibility that Audi decided to launch a pick-up. “If the formula to ensure the highest quality and premium performance is there, we would have to do a global study to see if that is the case. Without doubt, it would be a in addition interesting for the fleet in Australia,” said Doyle. Thanks to the recreations we can make ourselves to the idea as it would be the hypothetical model.

What is certain is that it would be the less interesting that a pick-up of Audi. With experience that has Volkswagen with Amarok could be achieved a good result could face the future pick-up of Mercedes. The model of the brand of the star will arrive between 2017 and 2018, and will share platform with the Nissan Navara, one of the models with the most success in Australia. We will have to wait to see if this information becomes a reality or remains in the pipeline.

Source – CarAdvice

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