A Porsche 550 RS Spyder reaches new record at Goodwood


The longitudinal lines in the rear were to distinguish them from the pits in the race.

The Porsche 550 Spyder, 1956 auctioned yesterday by Bonhams, during the Goodwood Revival 2016, achieved a new world record for the model by achieving a final bid of 4.59 million Pounds or 5.42 million euros, the highest price ever paid for one of these models.

The previous record was for the exemplary blue color of the comedian Jerry Seinfeld, which was auctioned together with a large number of models of the German mark in the past month of march, all of them belonging to the private collection of the comedian, an avid collector of the brand.

The price achieved by this specimen was plenty justified, since not only was it one of the specimens that we can find in better condition, being even of the few who despite the time that has elapsed since they left the factory on June 29, 1956 has never been restored, and hence is located as we could find at the time. But in addition, this has the frame number 550 0090, by which has the particularity of being the last of the ninety 550 Spyder made.


Its low height is palpable.

As we have already seen in your day, when you count the history of this model, the Porsche 550 Spyder was not only the first sports competition created by Porsche, starting the great winners of sports of the German brand, in addition, the 550 Spyder was already the protagonist of many folk, to be an authentic “matagigantes”.

Its small aluminum body weighed a little more than half a ton, 590 pounds dry and about 640 with all their liquids. Its small mechanical four-cylinder horizontally delivered 110 horsepower, more than enough for the lighter weight of the sporty, that could reach 220 km/h, being capable of reaching 100 km/h from standstill in about 7 seconds. Precisely thanks to its lightness, could boast of having an excellent maneuverability.

The 550 Spyder, 550 RS Spyder, is one of the classic models more prominent. Despite the fact that his successor, 718 RK was even more successful than this, the small Porsche of aluminum has gone down in history as one of the models most famous and desired of the mark, although unfortunately part of its fame is because it was the vehicle with which the actor James Dean died in a traffic accident, while went precisely to a career.