A Porsche 911 classic auction … Lucky Dutch police Targa

Bonhams auction on October 9 Porsche 911 Targa special. It is equipped with a 2.7 engine unit 1974 – nothing special in this aspect – which has been owned by someone special. And someone special we refer to Dutch police , as equivalent to our Civil Guard Traffic arm. He called AVD (Algemene Dienst Verkeers) received in 1974 the 911 so special. The idea was to have a rapid response vehicle , the first to reach the problem area. Targa But why?

Before these 911 Targa, the Dutch police used Porsche 356 convertible.

was a Porsche dealership that sold the 911 police, who then prepared for police work in their specialized workshops. That is why your body color Grand Prix White was vinylated with orange tones of the Dutch police . In its exterior lighting system improved, a strobe light mounted on the bow of the targa roof and a good battery sirens , both in the front and in the rear, capable of emitting a loud sound was installed many not associated with a 911

A speaker allowed them to communicate with the outside, and a neon sign with the word Stop at the rear was used to give the highest offenders. A mandatory extra on this 911 was a rearview mirror, then optional right. I assure you that in 1974 not many cars were faster on the roads of the Netherlands that this 911 . Although it was equipped with a six-cylinder engine and 2.7 “only” 150 horsepower, was able to accelerate in about 8 seconds to 100 km / h top speed it stood at 210 km / h.

Other essential accessories of the police car were a radio and a wooden box mounted where the rear seats would be. Think of cones, signs, etc. – in this case all the necessary materials for traffic control and signaling is stored The Dutch police ordered five units 911 Targa in 1974 , which used until the 90s, when they were replaced by Volvo vehicles. The auctioned unit has been completely restored, and is expected to sell for between € 95,000 and € 145,000 .

Why would a Targa?

Before these 911 Targa, the Dutch police used Porsche 356 convertible. The reason was simple: offering more protection – in relative terms – to the agents, who did not have to descend to the asphalt in sometimes dangerous conditions. The officers climbed to the seats, where they could better control the traffic or situations they had to attend. Of course, they had very different cars that had the Civil Guard in 1974, that will not fit doubt.

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