A practical guide to iRacing: the championships, cars and the ideal path to F1


If there is a
simulator in which the similarities with the actual racing are going to be more
beyond the strictly sports, that is iRacing. The company
founded by David Kaemmer and John Henry in 2004, has been growing
so consistent and remarkable, despite being the simulator more expensive
that there is.

So, what is
the reason for your success? Surely it is not its graphic quality, or its
supply of cars and tracks available, because in the market there are
top options in both senses. What iRacing offers all
that which seeks to enjoy the competition is a system
by which not only takes into account your skill at the wheel,
but also the cleanliness of your driving and your behavior
regarding the rest of the participants.

In iRacing do not have
accommodate players who compete as if it was a game arcade
were (pushing in the corners to gain position) or, when
they have realized that they are not going anywhere in the race,
start spinning in the opposite direction to collide with the rest of
participants to spend the time. The success of your sports career
virtual will depend, not only your speed but also your
security index
, even to be admonished, sanctioned, or
expelled for life.

Safety Rating vs.

Before you begin to
compete in iRacing, you must have these two concepts are very clear. The
first calculate your level of driving from the point of view of the
regarding the rest of the participants and the reliability. If you have
accidents, runway excursions, or even loss of control of the
car -even although you can stay ‘so black’ – your Safety Rating
will descend. And that is important, not only because it can lead to
sanction, but because is what allows you to ascend license and,
therefore, acquire the right to compete in the new championship.


on the other hand, the
iRating is calculated on the basis of your sports results and serves
for that iRacing evaluate your level
and match you with other riders
cut similar to yours, thus making your experience more
satisfactory, because you’ll always find rivals who
measure yourself in similar conditions.

Both indices are,
therefore, the basis of what will be your career virtual
this simulator and, in the final analysis, what difference to iRacing’s

Types of licenses

As you have
previously, iRacing is a simulator that is managed entirely
from their web page, and adopts the system of subscription. Once
what have you done, the simulator will provide thirteen vehicles and fourteen
circuits, but the rest have an additional cost
. Each car costs
11,95 $ and each circuit between 11,95 and 14,95$. By
therefore, it is important to have clear the goal you want to achieve the
start in iRacing for not paying more money than necessary, since
that the subscription will expire sooner or later and will need to be
renew it.

In relation to this,
you need to know that there is a licensing system in function of your
Safety Rating, going from the Rookie to the To and, finally, the
. Each license comprises different championships that demand
different cars, but it is not necessary to complete them all and here it is
where it enters the skill of each player to choose the path
adequate in relation to their preferences.

Oval or Road

The first thing
which to be clear is if we want to focus on a career in sport
based on the traditional circuits, in the oval americans
or both. It is important, not only to choose the path to follow,
but because iRating is independent in each case and a pilot
you can get the license in oval, but don’t spend the
C in circuits and vice versa.


Iracing provides
cars aimed at both disciplines at the beginning so that you can
get started and decide what best suits your tastes. In
refers to ROAD, we will start and at no additional cost with the
Cadillac CTS-V, Global Mazda MX-5 Cup and the Mazda MX-5 Cup circa
, Pontiac Solstice, SCCA Spec Racer Ford and the V8 Super Car
Falcon circa 2012. With this selection, you can compete in
championships C license without having spent even a euro more,
but from that moment your choice will be vital.

In regards to
OVAL, the cars available are the Indycar Dallara circa 2011, the
Legends Ford ’34 Coupe, NASCAR Sprint Cup Chevrolet Impala COT
circa 2013
, NASCAR Trucks Series Chevrolet Silverado circa 2013 and
the Street Stock.

License Rookie

On this occasion, we
we are going to focus on the way to Formula 1 and, obviously, that
passes by to take the path ROAD and let go of the oval, in addition to
to obviate the circuits, so many championships will rotate the
calendar not to shoot the cost
through the purchase of headquarters
for the championships.


To ascend to the
license D is required to get a SR of 3.0, for which it is ideal
the first car available: Mazda MX-5 Cup. It’s a car
light weight and relative power that is ideal for beginners in the
simulator in a progressive manner. The races of the Global Mazda MX-5
are short -around 20 minutes – and the participation is
very large, so that it is easy to find a career
officer at any time of the day or even night. In addition,
it is very easy to raise SR with haste to reach the
long-awaited license D and you don’t have to mess around with the tuning because in this championship are not permitted to change parameter whatsoever (that iRacing called ‘Fixed‘).

But it is not the only one
championship in which we participate, as are also
our disposition of the Production Car Challenge, a championship in the
there are two cars available, both free, because the already
mentioned Mazda is to add the Pontiac Solstice. Finally,
we have the Industriefahrten Fun event in which we can use
cars are considerably more powerful and advanced as the McLaren MP4-12C GT3, BMW Z4 GT3, Ford GT GT3, Mercedes AMG GT3 and the
Audi R8 LMS, but all of them are of payment.

License D

we move forward in the ranks, they add up to championships and
possibilities until we get to the license B, in which the level
calls for more exclusivity. In the license D we find five
championships different
and, although not all of them are with a car
free, yes it is possible to climb to C without additional expense in this

A good way to
get a iRating of 4.0 and pass the level is to begin with the
Global Challenge, championship in which will allow two cars: the
Cadillac CTS-V free and the KIA Optima of payment. You can also choose
by the Grand Touring Cup through the Pontiac Solstice,
present in one of the championships on rookie, and that it competes in this
occasion with the Volkswagen Jetta TDI Cup and the Ford Mustang FR500S,
both of payment.


But, in addition to the
Spec Racer Ford Challenge -also
free-, worth to pay attention to two championships,
although they require the purchase of two cars, are a good investment
future for different reasons
. The first is the Skip Barber Cup,
category of cars that seems to be highly recommended -or even
impresdindible – to the hour to make your way to the Formula 1. The
Skip Barber Formula 2000 is a single seater low-power and
virtually zero downforce, but the participation is
very rich, there are formal sessions in a constant manner and assumes
the perfect first step to get used to the reactions of a

the other side is the RUF
GT3 Challenge
, contest
in the use of the RUF
RT 12R
that will allow you to
-in addition to gaining experience with tourism, which is more powerful – participate
in several championships of upper classes as the RUF Cup
C license and the IMSA Sportcar Championship license B. Obviously,
none of them are strictly necessary, but it does allow you to
acquire skills that will be very useful in the future.


at this point, the possibilities open up dramatically, with our disposición no less than eleven championships in different in which to develop our skills, both in passenger cars as in cars.

If our interest is focused on the latter, then we have no choice but to start to buy cars, since it’s the only vehicle available free in the events C license is the Mazda MX-5 Cup already used in the series rookie. The first dilemma important to unravel is the choice between the Pro Mazda Championship and the Formula Renault 2.0 Championship. The first is slower and with a level of downforce lower. Therefore, it can be more easy to adapt and, in addition, it has a oval on your calendar, a circumstance that can seduce us in a given moment. The Formula Renault is a single-seater more advanced and with a step by curve very top, and it is the perfect step to go and make us share in the world of racing cars of higher performance, in addition to having a lot of participation.

our path is aimed more at the world of passenger cars and
resistance, without a doubt, the championship to consider is the Proto > , in
we can choose between an LMP2 as the HPD
or the following GT
bodywork: Ford GT,
Chevrolet Corvette C6R GT1 and
Aston Martin DBR9 GT1. In the
first case, besides learning how to tame a machine
significant benefits at all levels, we habituaremos to
to perform the lamination to the GT, as it is a championship in the
both categories compete in unison on the same circuit.
Both in one case as in the other, is the basis impresdindible for
start in the world of the resistance later.

in Addition
I already commented, there are other championships attractants as the
Advanced Mazda Cup (Mazda MX-5 Cup again), the Radical Challenge
(Radical SR8), Grand Prix Legends (Lotus 49 F1 for enthusiasts
60 years), RUF Cup (RUF
RT 12R), V8 Supercars
(Holden Commodore VF V8, and the Ford Falcon FG V8, there are
account schedules, since almost all of the participants are
australians), Verizon
Indy Car Series
(Dallara DW12, a Car very difficult
preparation for F1 and it is for the oval), 24
Hours of Daytona
(Chevrolet Corvette C7 Daytona Prototype), and,
finally, the Kamel GT
(Audi 90 GTO and Nissan GTP ZX-T).

License B

If the things are not
they had put serious since, with the arrival of the license B do
final, although primarily in passenger cars are
referred to. The arrival of the Blancpain Sprint Series and the IMSA Sportcar
allow you to acquire some knowledge and background in the
world of GT very considerable. The first series, the version
short of the Blancpain, it runs with the same cars that the
Industriefahrten Fun license rookie and also with the Endurance
Series of license A. In terms of the championship IMSA, the
vehicles available are the three already mentioned: the BMW, Audi and
Mercedes, but exchanging the McLaren and the Ford by the RUF RT 12R
(already used above) and the Chevrolet Corvette C7 Daytona


Finally, we have the Classic Lotus Grand Prix for fans of the legendary Lotus 79 Formula 1 championship that has grills nourished and a car complicated, exclusive to this championship and that, therefore, it is not worth as an investment for other categories.

License To

If we come
up here, we can consider without any doubt, pilots, virtual
very competent and we already have a remarkable experience and many
kilometres, overtaking and experiences worthy of remembering.

But what remains are the more
complicated: to reach the World Championship of iRacing or, as the
the official name indicates, the World Championship Grand Prix Series. If our aim is not like that and we want to know the
world of the resistance with the 24 Hours of Le Mans included, the
ultimate achievement is to take part in the Blancpain Endurance Series. In
this contest is not open to vehicle use are the usual GT:
McLaren MP4-12C GT3, BMW Z4 GT3, Ford GT GT3, Mercedes AMG GT3, Audi
and gives access to the Blancpain GT Series, which are equivalent to the World Championship of the speciality.


But if what you want is to get to compete for the highest accolade, the path passes through the dispute Grand Prix Series, category of F1 in which only need to comply with the requirements in terms of license and purchase the McLaren MP4-30 of 2015. If what you want is to advertise to compete for the Championship of the World, before we need to participate in the PRO Series, and based on our results, we could come to compete for the ultimate international prize-level simulator of competition and numerous prizes in cash and through credits to spend on iRacing, This is a topic that we will address later in Engine.is.

Choose your path

Thus, it has
become clear that there are multiple ways of coping with our
experience in iRacing. From the modest economic level, but with
claims sports, the premium experience and the
learning above all
, without forgetting the world of passenger cars
as a reference. To simplify everything, we have developed the
table below for a better understanding.

to Get to PRO fast and barato Campeonato Coche Coste
Step 1 (Rookie) Global Mazda MX-5 Cup Mazda MX-5 Cup
Step 2 (License D) Grand Touring Cup Pontiac Solstice
Global Challenge Cadillac CTS-V
Spec Racer Ford Challenge SCCA Spec Racer Ford
Step 3 (C License) Advanced Mazda Cup Mazda MX-5 Cup
RUF Cup RUF RT 12R 11,95$
Step 4 (License B) IMSA Sportcar Championship RUF RT 12R Already acquired
Step 5 (License) PRO Series McLaren MP4-30 11,95$
minimum Investment in coches 23,90$
Get to PRO and learning with experiencia Campeonato Coche Coste
Step 1 (Rookie) Global Mazda MX-5 Cup Mazda MX-5 Cup
Step 2 (License D) Skip Barber Race Series Skip Barber Formula 2000 11,95$
Step 3 (C License) Formula Renault 2.0 Championship Formula Renault 2.0 11,95$
Step 4 License C) Proto GT Championship HPD ARX 01C 11,95$
Step 5 (C License) Verizon Indy Car Series Dallara DW12 11,95$
Step 6 (License B) IMSA Sportcar Championship RUF RT 12R 11,95$
Step 7 (License) PRO Series McLaren MP4-30 11,95$

minimum Investment in coches 71,70$
to Get to PRO fast and barato Campeonato Coche Coste
Step 1 (Rookie) Global Mazda MX-5 Cup Mazda MX-5 Cup
Step 2 (License D) Grand Touring Cup Pontiac Solstice
Global Challenge Cadillac CTS-V
Spec Racer Ford Challenge SCCA Spec Racer Ford
Step 3 (C License) Proto GT Championship HPD ARX 01C 11,95$
Step 4 (License B) IMSA Sportcar Championship BMW Z4 GT3
Mercedes AMG GT3
Audi R8 LMS
Blancpain Sprint Series BMW Z4 GT3
Mercedes AMG GT3
Audi R8 LMS
Step 5 (License) Blancpain Endurance Series BMW Z4 GT3
Mercedes AMG GT3
Audi R8 LMS
minimum Investment in coches 35,85$