A Prancing horse in the snow

Without obligations on Barcelona in the impasse between the first and second session of pre-season test, a small delegation of the Scuderia Ferrari has traveled to the region of Lombardy, more specifically in Livigno. The reason? Take a Ferrari Formula 1 to the snow and make you enjoy the hundreds of fans who gathered at the event sponsored by Hublot and Kaspersky. in charge of piloting the single-seater from Maranello was Giancarlo Fisichella, former driver of the Scuderia Ferrari in the Formula 1 World championship and current official driver of Ferrari in the Endurance World.

Although it is always spectacular to see a single-seater F1 on the snow, the Ferrari is not the first car in the category that during this winter we have seen over the white item. Makes month and a half, Max Verstappen took the Red Bull RB7 2011 to star in a show at the ski resort of Kitzbuhel (Austria). While then the dutchman mounted some rain tires from Pirelli equipped with nails and chains to improve the traction, Giancarlo Fisichella has driven only with pneumatic nails. The track prepared for the occasion on the snow was not so demanding, although it has left spectacular photos.