A prototype electric Nissan Tokyo 2015, will bring forward the new Leaf?


Nissan gearing up to face the impending Hall of Tokyo 2015, and its new prototype aims to be one of the most important of the appointment japanese. It is not for less, if we take into account that we are talking about a more-than-foreseeable Nissan Leaf II Concept, which will be a foretaste very representative of the second generation of the Nissan Leaf.

This that you see here is the first image of advancement of the prototype, still to be displayed with clarity. Even so, it distinguished several key details, such as a C-pillar is different to what is usual or signature LED light on the outside, also including its front grille ‘V’ with blue lighting and the waist line side.

The optical front of this prototype maintained the style ‘boomerang’, a hallmark of Nissan, as seen in models like the Nissan Maxima 2016, or in the current Nissan Juke. Their forms are those of a compact traditional five-door, with a design very futuristic: the leap in this aspect with respect to the current Nissan Leaf will be quite large, and also with more attractive.

According to the brand itself, this prototype will be “the vision of Nissan concerning the electrification, and intelligence as applied to vehicles”. We can assume that it will be a car 100% electric, therefore, and you will have a lot of technology aboard, including the last attendance electronic conduction and also some demo driving autonomous.

In any case, and beyond this initial prototype, the Nissan Leaf II of production will not be on the market until well into the year 2016. Will come with more improvements: among them, a autonomy more spacious thanks to a few batteries of higher capacity. If in the current Nissan Leaf 30kWh autonomy reaches 250 kilometres with a recharge, your new generation will surpass the 400 km, making it much more usable for long trips.