A radar in every car park, the ideal solution to organize the traffic in the city premieres in Berlin

despite Bad we were, if we were to imagine the organization of traffic in the centre of large cities, in the near future, we should remove from the equation the car. A lot of us fear that, in the long term, it is likely to happen. In any case, it still seems that for years we will be able to continue enjoying our four-wheel vehicles in the city. And when it comes to enjoying, you will agree with me that spend a half hour looking for parking does not fit in our plans. It is for this reason that initiatives such as the recently launched in Berlin, intended to help us find parking. what if monitorizase permanently each parking space with a radar?

Berlin is already monitoring the parking spaces of their streets by means of radar, for the time being as a pilot project.

The technology is not at all novel. The public car parks covered, such as establishments, and shopping centres, already have a sensors that monitor the presence of a car parked in each parking space. Something that is extremely useful, either to quickly view if on a street there is some free space (usually use a bright green, or red to show if the square is free or occupied, respectively) and avoid that continue to access cars if the parking is full, or limit access to a facility that is full of cars.

What is interesting is precisely in its application in parking spaces of the public thoroughfare.

radar-aparcamiento-berlin-10The pilot project in Berlin aims to demonstrate that the technology is viable and that your installation, taking advantage of the existing infrastructure, the street lamps of a city, it is economic.

Berlin has launched a pilot project in which will be monitored the number of parking spaces on a stretch of 250 meters, between Walther Schreiber Platz and Friedrich Wilhelm Platz, a residential area away from the bustle of the streets more tourist in the German capital.

The system is really interesting and, if you think about it, it’s relatively inexpensive. Just a sensor, a radar, to cover an area of 30 meters, the space that will occupy between six and eight cars (depending on the size of these). The pilot project in Berlin will cover between 50 and 70 parking spaces, using only ten sensors placed in the lanterns of the surrounding area. When you use these lights, it minimizes the investment in infrastructure, and ensures that the scope of the sensors is so high.

Each sensor is permanently connected with the center of traffic information of the Berlin, so that the authorities can monitor at all times the occupation of these places and, what is more interesting, may also be monitored by the users. Drivers will be able to use an app on your smartphone that will notify you if there are free sites. This information may also be synchronized with a browser connected to the internet, or even with light signals in the vicinity that will warn us if there are free places.


photo Gallery: A radar in every car park, the ideal solution to organize the traffic in the city premieres in Berlin

it Is true that, for the moment, we are in a pilot project and that the utility of this technology will arrive precisely at the moment that is widespread in the streets of a city. In any case, this pilot project aims to draw some interesting conclusions in 2016 and show that the system is viable to convince Berlin and the other cities that invest in speed cameras for their parking lots is a good idea.

The project, funded in good part by the German administration, is being coordinated by Siemens AG, responsible for the development of the sensors; as well as by the Robotics Innovation Center of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI).

Source: Siemens | Via: Xataka
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