A rainbow formed by six BMW i8 focuses attention on Yas Marina

BMW i8 Yas Marina

A sextet of BMW i8 with custom parts from AC Schnitzer and painted in exclusive colors.

branch of BMW in Abu Dhabi shows sometimes its good to do business in a market where exclusivity and luxury are purchase to hit book. In the land of the “petrodollars” the sheikhs, executives and other people of high purchasing power they want to have in your garage a custom vehicle, and high performance in order to differentiate themselves from the rest.

And although the BMW i8 is not the paradigm of personalization, BMW i are aware of this shortcoming for a long time and have been working on the introduction of more options in the range as new colours. In addition, to this we must add the entire range of preparations that are available within the world of tuning. Combining both elements, BMW Abu Dhabi has made an interesting debut in the Yas Marina Circuit.

Until that path is known worldwide for hosting a Grand Prix of Formula 1 which, curiously enough takes place this weekend have brought a sextet of BMW i8 painted in six exclusive colors and equipped with different elements designed by the preparer AC Schnitzer. With this, BMW wants to show that there is the possibility to customize your sporty plug-in hybrid.

BMW i8 Yas Marina

These six BMW i8 have been shown to the public at the Yas Marina Circuit.

In particular, the colors in which are painted these six units of the BMW i8 are the following: Lava Red, Austin Yellow, Lava, Green, Twilight Purple, Lava Orange, Lava and Yellow. And we then add the body kit in carbon fibre or alloy wheels designed by AC Schnitzer specifically for this model.

on the other hand, and since we are talking about the BMW i8, it is the ideal time to remember that BMW i is already working on the new variant that will come to complete the range of the hybrid sports. We talk about the new BMW i8 Roadster. Although its launch will not be until at least the year 2018, in just a few years we will be able to enjoy the variant convertible.

And although there is still more time to see the second generation of the BMW i8, the latest information that we published some months ago indicated that it will leave aside its mechanical hybrid plug-in current and will make the leap to become a 100% electric vehicle with a total power that will be near the 800 HP thanks to the different engines it will use.