A Range Rover Sport will be quite harmed in The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour Range Rover Sportwhenever lack least for the start of The Grand Tour and the truth is that the expectations are very high. The new program will be released in autumn and the fans are waiting as rain in may, taking into account the problems that you are having the current season of Top Gear. The Grand Tour is already rolling, just stopped in Johannesburg (south Africa), but maintains the secrecy around the series.

Although it seems that little by little their social networks are having the greatest activity. From your Youtube channel comes to us the first video in which is shown a vehicle. And the honor is for a Range Rover Sport that leaves for a very few seconds, but that shows us more of what that looks like. We can now confirm that the popular trio of presenters will continue to make his and breaking cars with no regrets.

In the clip for half a minute so we can see Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May; joking about a car that you have rented. It is then when enters the scene, the Range Rover Sport making a noise that are not normal. The trio indicates that the rental company “Gentle Rentals” had told them that they could not get the vehicle off the road. It is clear that they disobeyed.

there is Still time for the premiere of The Grand Tour, but because we want to snowing what happened to this poor Range Rover Sport. We do not know where they have been able to shoot these scenes, but it could be south Africa. The next stops of the show will be in united States, United Kingdom or Germany. Amazon Prime has confirmed that of time there will be 36 episodes spread over three seasons.

Source – The Grand Tour

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