A rare Porsche 959 Sport tops the sale of a collection of 42 Porsche classic


Porsche 959 Sport 1988

The season 2017 classics has done no more than begin with, and this weekend starts with the celebration of one of the main events, the Concours d’ Elegance of Arizona, where are held numerous auctions of Scottsdale. But next month comes the second great event in the calendar, the Salon Retromobile Paris, where, among hundreds of large pieces, it will highlight the sale of 42 Porsche classic from the same collection, headed by one of the rare 959 Sport.

This anonymous collection comes from Switzerland and by the time you do not know the full size of the collection, so that we don’t know if the 42 copies make up the entire collection or just part of it. The presence of 959, according to the auction house the model a highlight of the collection, induces to think that he has been put up for sale to the full.

The Porsche 959 Sport is the alternative sports and most radical available of the model, in addition to the more rare to find, because of the less than 300 copies made – some claim 272, and other 289 units – only 29 of them came out of the factory with these specifications, that maximizaban the behavior of the model, with a frame more rigid, and lacking most elements of the I had the version 959 Komfort.


One of only 29 made copies.

Among the items that disappeared were the audio system and the air conditioning, which allowed the 959’s were something more lightweight, around 100 kilos less.

This copy of the 959’s came out of the factory in 1988, and interestingly its owner was american. It is well known that the 959 was never sold in that market because it could not be homologated for emissions, which led to the famous law “Show and Display”, that allowed certain models that were not in compliance with the laws in force could enter the country for reasons of public interest, that is to say, those models that have special features and that enjoy certain special assessment could access that market, with the presumed intention of be exposed.

This law is due precisely to the fact that the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, was made with a Porsche 959 in its time, indicative that it was requisitioned by the u.s. customs for 13 years in the port of San Francisco. Once the law was put in place, thanks mainly to the influence of the Gates himself, this could be done with your precious 959, although with limitations in its use, being forced to show it off during part of the year.


– Piece of collection.

The particular case of this 959 Sport was different. Its new owner, the son of the pilot and distributor of Porsche Vasek Polak, picked it up in Stuttgart, and tras toured Europe with the managed to import it to the united States. Where you don’t really know how much use he came to give. Years later sold it to a collector, who in turn sold it to the collection, switzerland which is now on sale.

As a piece of collection, the value of the 959 Sport is undeniable, its specifications exceed even those of his biggest rival of the time, the Ferrari F40. Mechanical modifications raised his power up to 522 HP (515 hp), so that along with the weight loss became more effective than the version 959 Komfort.

Next to this, we can find in the same collection a few pieces of very rare and valued. In the first place we found a copy of the 356 Pre-A 1600 Speedster that is valued between 300,000 and 400,000 euros, a 911 Turbo S 3.6, 1994, where the maximum estimation will point you 750,000 euros, or a 911 GT3 RS 2004, with a value between 200.00 and 250.00 euros. Other parts with just a little bit less value but also very interesting are a 911 GT2 Clubsport 2004, between 175,000 and 225.00 eur 911 Turbo Flatnose, 1986, valued at 130,000 as the maximum.


Porsche 911 Flatnose, 1986.

In total will be 42 copies of the mark, where we find about all versions of the 911, but also the many other models of the signing of Stuttgart, as the 914/6, a 924 Carrera GT 1981, rare 912 E 1976 (cheaper version of the 911 G-Body that was only sold in 1976, to fill the gap of 914 waiting for the launch of the 924) or the 928 GTS, that the dessert would be the latest version of the Gran Turismo front motor and therefore, the more powerful.

What is more interesting is that lcomplete collection comes to auction without reserve, including the parts more rare, as the 959 Sport – which has an estimated maximum around 2.0 billion euros – so that the whole collection will find a new owner, whatever the highest bid.