A Renault Clio hybrid with driving autonomously for 2019

The next generation Renault Clio will have a hybrid version and driving autonomous level 2. That is to say, the direction and the speed will be controlled by the car, although the driver has to be aware of what is happening on the road. This has been explained today the president of Renault Europe Jean-Christophe Kugler, along with some other developments that will have the small tourism French.

As revealed Kugler at the conference of the brand “Drive the Future”, another of the elements that will include the new generation of the Renault Clio is a new connectivity technology much more complete that they currently offer, although it gave no more details about it. What is clear is that, after 5 years on the market with no changes of draft, in a little over a year the current generation will come to the end of its life cycle and the next generation will have to cope with the new demands on the market.

Renault Clio hybrid and much more…

According to sources close to the French brand, part of the arrival of the Renault Clio hybrid, the petrol engines of 0.9 liters will be replaced or thoroughly reviewed. Diesel engines, including the DCI, 1.5 litre, which it shares with Nissan, will remain the same despite the reduction of purchases of this type of engines. As indicated by Kugler, all the range of engines will have a better performance, more efficiency and fewer emissions in comparison with the thrusters that are offered currently.

In the conference did not give more details, but there is the possibility that the hybridization of the Clio is legacy system Hybrid Assist of the Mégane and Scenic. If the model of Renault you are given a system plug-in hybrid, would be the first in the segment of small urban have a variant of this type.

For the Clio of the fifth generation also is expected to finish high-end, following the example of the Megane, a infotainment system landscape, the large logo of Renault, and daytime running lights in the shape of a “C”. Also expect some design elements that could come of prototypes as peculiar as the Symbioz, although as is logical, will be attenuated. The first time you see the new Clio will be in 2018, and the first units will begin to sell in 2019.

Images – Renault Clio GT Line 2017

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