A Renault ZOE RS could be on their way

The Renault ZOE could receive the treatment Renault Sport. It would be the model that would mark the beginning of the expansion of the activities of the division of sports of the French brand to electric vehicles.

RENAULT-ZOE-RSAndl Renault ZOE was conceived as a urban 100% electric, whose purpose is to provide a use of urban affordable cost. But having a division of the sport as a Renault Sport the reach of the hand, it was expected that the arrival of variants performance of the electrical models end sooner or later coming to the products of the French house.

In a recent interview granted by the head of Renault Sport Patrice Ratti to the british publication Coach, the manager pointed out that a first prototype of the ZOE RS was developed, with encouraging results. The project was born after the model adopted at the beginning of last year, a engine smaller and more sophisticated, with a improved software compared to the original version as ta to the sale two years before.

While assured that the results with the ZOE RS have been amazing in terms of performance, since both the performance and power delivery are impressive, since the chassis is benefited from all the developments made for the Clio RS. However there are still some drawbacks that, for now, are insurmountable, related to the system of lithium-ion batteries.

In Renault Sport are surprised as driving within a circuit affects the life of the batteries. The ZOE RS showed a consumption of batteries is very high in its use in the tests carried out within a circuit, with a duration that does not meet the 15 minutes.

This does not however mean that the project has been archived, but on the contrary, when the current battery of 22kWh, which comes standard in the ZOE can be extended, the model signed by Renault Sport could have a new chance. Possibly the city received a new battery towards the end of the year, so the chances of a variant RS stay open to 2017, thanks to a battery of greater capacity and smaller size.