A Renault Zoe will be the first tests of driving autonomously in China

Renault ZOE Swiss EditionIf there is something that all vehicle manufacturers are pursuing today, in addition to sell more and reduce fuel consumption and pollutant emissions, it is developing driving systems autonomous. With these movements, in addition to preparing for the future, get a great brand image technology. Today reach us information that a Renault Zoe self will be tested in China.

Volvo used this oriental country to test their prototypes of driving autonomously. And that is precisely China is one of the countries that is working in the field of driving autonomous and in efforts to a mobility alternative. It is for this reason that Renault has joined the bandwagon and will test there in a Renault Zoe updated to the latest version which authorises a range exceeding 400 km (as I present here some weeks ago) and automated.

Renault ZOE Swiss Editiontest of the Renault Zoe autonomous start during the next month in the city of Wuhan. The model of the firm francesá will travel about 2.5 miles for the urban roads with traffic and without any intervention on the part of a driver.

Renault operates in the asian country under the company Dongfeng Renault Automobile Co., better known by its abbreviation “DRAC”. Despite not knowing much more information about it, we have been able to know that there are the first tests of autonomous vehicles that are made by the French company, although probably never before been made in traffic open. Therefore, this opportunity would be the first “test of fire” in which the processors should take the controls as they would do in the future, interacting with and respecting other users.

The driving and autonomous mobility “without exhaust pipes” are not so far away. Manufacturers continue to research in both branches and, although it is a long way to go, since we don’t see it as an impossible dream, but as a reality that will come within a few years.

Sources – Autoblog and Motorpasión

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