A report warns of hacking easy more than 100 million cars from the Volkswagen Group


With a simple wave receiver, your car can present a great vulnerability

Since the electronic keys were common in the automotive world, the hackers or hacker exploited the vulnerability they presented. A study by the University of Birmingham shows that even to this day more than 100 million cars from the Volkswagen Group are still susceptible to hacking.

The electronics experts of the University have shown that it is relatively simple and cheap to clone the keys of those cars. only require the owner to press the unlock button on the remote and fast friends of others can appropriate the frequency of the car, being able to open with only a repeat.

Obviously, the security flaw is important, because the vulnerability is very high in a large number of vehicles. The researchers claim that occurs in the most models of the Volkswagen Group, which integrate the platform previous to the last update of the MQB. This excludes the majority of modern cars.

This leaves out the problem to the latest models like the Volkswagen Golf, the Tiguan, the Touran and the Volkswagen Passat. However still out of the market units unprotected and that they hope to solve the problem in the next generation, as is the case of the Audi Q3.


The Q3 is still showing the old platform, so that it is still prone to hacking

In recent times such is the technology employed by the cars that are becoming more and more difficult to steal by traditional methods but not so for the modern. The majority of manufacturers already have a division antipirateo in their headquarters, some even with the risk of altering their driving systems autonomous, as is the case of Tesla.