A review of 40 images to the perfect craftsmanship of the last Porsche 911 Singer

They say that perfection does not exist , and it is better not to be obsessed with perfectionism. The Porsche 911 is an inherently imperfect, unbalanced, outdated car. It was imperfect 30 years ago, when his body was launched 964. But the imperfection does not mean you can not create something that is perfect in the eyes of another person. As for example, wonderful craft Singer Porsche 911 , which at this point does not need an introduction. Review his latest creation, lofty 40 images.

One of their latest creations was a beautiful 964 Targa, which you can see here.

Singer Design has once again created another classic 911 , a reinterpretation of the Porsche 911 (964) in classical key. In classical and enhanced key, because like his previous 911, has been lightened to full and sent his boxer Ed Pink Racing, which have boosted its air-cooled propellant to about incredible 390 hp atmospheric , after its displacement increased to four liters. The body is now made of carbon fiber panels, painted in a light green lovely.

singer-911-manchester-8 Your manual gearbox six relations comes from a Porsche 993. Its braking equipment has been updated. Although it seems a 911-70s, you can embarrass a modern 991. The craftsmanship of the interior is amazing. Look at the beautiful interlaced strips Alcantara seats and dashboard . The number of hours behind this car is huge, and so that each unit costs a whopping $ 395,000 is justified. – Starting price , regardless of the source 964

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This particular unit is named “Manchester”, destined to go to a wealthy British customer – hence the RHD. I already callus, because I prefer the images speak for themselves. Notice: Porsche comes overdose, elegance, quality and class. Cleanse when you have finished. Drool, I mean.

singer-911-manchester-16 singer-911-manchester-18 singer-911-manchester-19 singer-911-manchester-25 singer-911-manchester-40 singer-911-manchester-31 singer-911-manchester-7 singer-911-manchester-4 singer-911-manchester-2 singer-911-manchester-37 singer-911-manchester-39 wanting more? The gallery has 40 pictures …

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Source: Jalopnik
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