A Romanian law mockery driver driving without a license for 39 years


Gheorghe Ungureanu is a Romanian citizen 63 years. After working for years in France, he returned to his homeland a few days ago to spend their summer vacation. What nobody knew is that since withdrew their driver’s license for 39 years , drove fearlessly performing work as a professional driver – passenger and goods -. How the hell Ungureanu has gone with it for nearly four decades?

police never stopped him and no one asked for his documents. This is called luck.

Apparently, in the distant year 1976 was intercepted by police – the then-Soviet republic – Romania. Visibly drunk on vodka, he withdrew the driving license. Ungureanu could have applied for a new driving license, but for unknown reasons, never did. It was then that his driver’s license was revoked. This coincided with their emigration to France, looking for a better job.

dacia-duster-crossover-1440px In France lied to their employers saying they had lost their documentation , and that was an honest worker who simply wanted to give his family a livelihood. In the second part no doubt, but the French should have doubted the first half. He had no problem getting a permit in France, or rather, no one asked for his driver’s license. In his many works as a driver.

Ungureanu believes his exemplary conduct has avoided being stopped by police for nearly 40 years.

The story is surreal. it seems almost impossible for nearly 40 years was not never fined nor its documentation was requested during a routine check. I guess they were also other times. Nor do we know whether obtained a permit in France – the story does not say – but say that at that time no traffic management information contrasted with the agencies of other countries


El gran atasco Anyway, were modern times ended with the flight forward Ungureanu. On a vacation in his homeland a hidden radar will hunt at 25 km / h over the speed limit of the road . He was stopped by police and quickly discovered the cake. Ungureanu now facing a huge fine and possible imprisonment for three years. Almost nothing.

Source: Carscoops
In motor: The full pack: drunk, armed, smoking, without a license and without insurance

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