A Russian multimillionaire, new owner of the Nürburgring


The new owner of the Nürburgring is a Russian multimillionaire.

From the end of the year 2014 had been speculating with the possibility that the billionaire Russian Viktor Kharitonin is to do with the property of the Nürburgring. The co-founder of the pharmaceutical company Pharmstandard have done with the property of the path that hosts the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Germany (among other tests of different competitions).

although, at that time did not gave more details about the percentage of shares of the company that had bought Kharitonin as well as the figure that had paid for them. Much is speculated by then. Today, thanks to Forbes Russia, we can say that Vikotr Kharitonin has high your property on the circuit in germany to have the 99% of the same.

The final agreement would have to be closed for a value of 38 million euros. A figure that you would have to add to the, already paid, in the first moment by the above-mentioned multi-millionaire Russian. In particular, there is talk of a total sum of 77 million euros Viktor Kharitonin would have paid to have this exclusive “capricho”.

And all this, who owns the remaining 1% of the Nürburgring? The shareholder (minority in this case) and owner of the remaining 1% would be GetSpeed. A symbolic way to follow linked to this temple of speed.

Then, what ended the economic problems for the Nürburgring? Recall that last year 2015 the country German is dropped from the Formula 1 calendar because, according to Kharitonin, mismatches in terms of the financial conditions for holding the trial of the world in the known circuit. Although, everything seems to indicate that after completion of the sale of the circuit, it would have overcome the economic problems of the past.

what shall then Return to the Formula 1 at Nürburgring?

it Is too soon to anticipate a possible return to the maximum category of engine at the Nürburgring. Although, we can mention a recent statement of Kharitonin to a local Russian stating that they are already working on to be able to accommodate the GP of Germany 2017 of Formula 1.