A scooter for people with reduced mobility that reaches 173,16 km/h

Récord scooter para personas con movilidad reducidaWhen we speak of a scooter for persons with reduced mobility we all think in those vehicles three or four wheels that serve to facilitate the day-to-day of the handicapped and disabled. Normally are usually powered by a small electric motor, and are not intended to achieve high speeds or to cover large distances. But there are always exceptions.

this has been shown by two mechanics in Isle of Man (United Kingdom), David Anderson and Matthew Hine, who set out to beat a Guinness Record. Spent months transforming one of these scooters for people with reduced mobility with the aim of turning it into the fastest in the world. The only requirements is that it can be purchased in the market and that its outer appearance is similar to the original.


Caught a Days Strider and although the exterior appearance might seem harmless, the interior has received significant modifications. To start with, replaced the electric motor by one of gasoline from a Suzuki Bandit. Four-cylinder, 600 cc and 80 hp made me change completely the story. Due to this excess of power, had to take the chassis of a kart, and to adapt it to the scooter.

once solved the problem of stiffness had to be done in front of the grip. wheels and tires were also taken of a racing kart. With these changes, I was ready to try to beat the record. With Hine at the controls of the scooter for disabled guests reached 173,16 km/h, getting the Guinness Record of speed for this type of vehicle. Nothing bad, considering that initially just passed the 12 km/h.

Source – Guinness World Records